What Is POCS, And How Can One Treat The Problem?

What Is POCS, And How Can One Treat The Problem?

There are many diseases that women get when they are in their reproductive age. One needs to understand that the changing lifestyles of women are making their life hard. They are getting a lot of stress and fatigue these days due to their work and household load. They work the whole day in the office and then they also have to look out for their family. That makes their schedule really busy, and they do not get time to take care of themselves.

 Nowadays, women are getting several hormonal disorders as they are not taking a healthy diet and do not do proper exercise that is needed to make their bodies healthy. There are many hormonal diseases present that are found in women these days. Among those Viagra hormonal disorders, PCOS is the most common disorder faced by people. There is no certain reason for these disorders.


But when this happens, people do not have the right knowledge about them. So here you can take complete information about PCOS and all other things that you need to know.


What is PCOS?


The full form of PCOS is polycystic ovary syndrome that is a hormonal disorder. Most women of reproductive age encounter POCS hormonal disorder. In this, the ovaries start to form a different fluid collection that is follicles and is not able to release eggs regularly. There are some of the PCOS naturopath treatments present through which one can cure them.




There are some signs and symptoms that can help you to understand if you are suffering from this disorder or not. one needs to be attentive when they feel like they are getting these symptoms because PCOS can be cured at an earlier age more quickly by the PCOS specialist Melbourne but if it has been a while and you do not found that you are suffering from the disorder than it can be hard to have an effective treatment. So here are the symptoms that can help you to identity POCS. 


  1. Irregular periods: these can be the first symptoms that you might see in PCOS. The menstruation cycle of the woman will start to get irregular. They will only get periods less than nine times in the whole year. The timestamp between these periods will be at least 35 days. You will also feel that they are abnormally heavier than your regular periods. 


  1. Excess androgen: the male hormone gets elevated that affects the body physically. Like the body and facial hair growth will enhance a lot. You might also see male pattern baldness and acne problems. 


  1. Polycystic ovaries: the ovaries get larger and contain follicles around the eggs that restrict the smooth functioning of ovaries. You can take PCOS functional medicine to treat your PCOS. 


Causes of PCOS 

When you know about the causes of PCOS, then there is not a particular cause that is considered as the only reason for PCOS. But there are some of the reasons that are considered significant in causing PCOS. 


Excess insulin 


Insulin is the hormone that is found in the body that makes the cells use sugar. When the cells start to be resistant to the action of insulin, then the body starts to form excessive insulin that can increase the levels of androgen production, which causes problems in ovulation. 




You can also get these hormonal disorders through heredity. If anyone in your ancestors or your parents has this disorder, then there are higher chances that you will also get these hormonal disorders. If you think that you are on the starting stage of PCOS, then you can visit PCOS clinic Melbourne and get the best treatment from them.


Treatment of PCOS 


When you are looking for the treatment in PCOS, then you have a lot of things that you can use as the treatment of PCOS that are mentioned below. You can see which one you need to use that can offer you effective results. 


  • Changes in Lifestyles 


The major aspect of getting rid of these things is making changes in your lifestyle. Your doctor or physician will tell you to take a healthy diet that contains low calories because you may gain a lot of weight that you should lose. Losing weight will help you to improve your condition; thus, you need to follow the diet suggested by your doctor. The medications offered by your doctor will seem more effective if you lose weight. You can know about the medications offered by the doctor below.


  • Medications for PCOS


  • Combination birth control pills: These pills are offered by them because they will decrease your androgen production as it includes estrogen and progestin. It will help you a lot as it will control extensive hair growth and restrict the formation of acne. This will make the functioning of your hormones better that will reduce endometrial cancer, and makes abnormal bleeding correct.  


  • Progestin therapy: There are higher chances to get endometrial cancer when you are suffering from this problem. If you get progestin therapy for one or two weeks, then you can easily minimize the risk of endometrial cancer. You cannot prevent pregnancy, and it will also not improve your condition in terms of androgen levels. 

  • When you want to reduce your hair growth, then these medications can help you:


  • Birth control pill: these pills can help you in a lot of ways when you are suffering from PCOS. The pills will decrease androgen production that will stop the excess growth of hair. 


  • Eflornithine or Vaniqa: you can also use this cream to make your facial hair growth slow in women. Electrolysis: This is the procedure in which needles are input into the hair follicles. An electric pulse will damage all the hair follicles, and they will not grow anymore.


You can see there are many effective treatments that you can use to get rid of your PCOS problem. Furthermore, you can have different treatments according to your age and reproductive condition. Thus it would be best if you made changes in your lifestyle, and taking correct medication can help you to cure PCOS. 


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