Quick Tips before you buy ​​used Bikes in Delhi: Must Read

Quick Tips before you buy ​​used Bikes in Delhi: Must Read

Motorcycles in India are in high demand. Especially in Delhi’s capital, where the bustling traffic creates a lot of congestion, owning a two-wheeler is a must. With an ever-shrinking road space, you need to have a two-wheeler that will easily help you pass through. It is not necessary that you need to buy a new bike! You can easily manage used bikes in Delhi. The mileage, performance and comfortability are intact. The challenge is to choose a good quality bike from a trusted seller. 

The use of the two-wheelers is not something new in the market. All you require to know is why you need to buy a used bike? If the purpose is clear, you will not struggle to choose the two-wheeler. Question yourself: what is a bike for- fun or daily commuting? If you are looking for a used motorcycle in Delhi for fun, you should choose bikes from the brands like KTM, Royal Enfield, Suzuki and more. If you are looking for a bike for daily commuting, then Honda, TVS, Hero, and similar others are the best option to drive in your demand. The market for buying a new bike is pretty low as most commoners choose used Scooter in Delhi. To find the best bike for you, make sure you follow the tips to get a good bike for long term usability.   

Top Tips to choose a good quality used bike in Delhi.

Here’re some tips to follow while you are buying used motorcycles;

1: Inspect the bike

Always be on time when the bike inspection is going on. It is important to carry out all the virtual inspections during the daytime. The natural light helps in checking all the aspects of the bike part by part. It is always a great idea to take out some time and go with those who have experience in riding the bike. Taking a second option is always appreciated before purchasing a second hand bike.

2: Do research on the bike-related flaws

It is crucial to look for specific bike-related details on the web to get a clear picture to understand the people who have already owned a similar bike. Check on the following points;

Brakes: Make sure that the brakes are smoothly operative. The age of the brake pad should not be very old. Ensure that there is no pulsing. If these features do not match, never take the bike. 

Oil Leakage: Check minutely to find out if there is any oil; spilling around the engine. If the bike has been washed, then the oil spillage area will shine more than the other part of the bike. You can ask for the service details from the bike owner as well. 

Corrosion: Ensure that the bike does not rust on the frames. Surface rust is not the main concern; in fact, the rust, often crumbling iron flakes, are the signs that you need to check properly before you drive into buying a second hand motorcycle in Delhi. 

Clutch: Whether you have a lever effort or it is effortless when you are using the clutch! Make sure that it is smooth.

Chassis: While you buy a used bike, ensure that the chassis is thoroughly inspected for visible deep scratches. Try to check or observe whether there is any sign that the bike has met with an accident. 

Chains: Checking the chain and sprocket. There should not be visible signs of damage or wear. Try to rotate the bike’s rear wheels to see or hear any noise if made or not!

Tyres: The condition of the tyres is crucial. There shouldn’t be any wearing or tying signs on the tyres. It has to be smooth with basic marks.

Electricals and Battery: Take ownership to check the electricians and battery without any hindrance to ensure that it is operative.

Fuel tank: You need to open the fuel tank and check out any residue with rust or corrosion in it. This is even more needless to say that you don’t have to use a lighter or a matchbox to get a better view. 

Suspension: Try and look for the oil leaks around the suspension. It would help if you looked for the scratches, twists, and bends.

Wheels: You are required to check on the wheels for observing the cracks. If you notice any spoke base, it is essential to run a thorough inspection for cracks and rust corrosion.

Exhaust Pipe: Look for any sort of oil leak in the exhaust pipe. Oil in the exhaust means valve guide seals or bad rings.

3: Paperwork Checks

Having all the necessary bike-related details are crucial for you as a second hand bike buyer in Delhi. The registration certificate book should be collected where the engine, chassis numbers are printed in the RC book. It should not match the engine and chassis numbers embossed on the chassis and engine. Check whether there is an insurance certificate or not! If there is anything like that, you should collect it. Make sure that the No Objection Certificate is ordered. It must be from the RTO, where the registered vehicle will be transferred from one RTO to the other.

The owner’s manual book is not mandatory, but it is great to get it from the seller. However, the owner’s manual or service book ensures the proper maintenance is being carried out periodically. 

4: Scan the bike’s VIN for any error

It is a very important feature. The vehicle identification number must be a unique serial number used for legally identified vehicles. Most of the bikes will find a VIN Number stamped onto the steering neck section of the frame. It is just behind the headlight. You need to check the number against the number mentioned on the official title to ensure their match. 

5: Test Ride is a must!

When choosing a used motorcycle in Delhi, you need not be reluctant. Even if you find all the parameters fine, decide to take a test ride. It is the best way to figure out the actual condition of the bike. Take the bike for a ride to check whether there is any additional sound coming out of it or not! If so, then there is a problem with the engine. Take turns while riding to check the easiness of the clutch and gear. The more smooth the riding experience is, the better the bike’s condition.

To conclude, once you settle on the used bike, be rest assured that you can enjoy the effortless experience of riding a Second hand bike in Delhi. Before buying it, make sure all the parameters are checked, and ownership needs to be transferred. Better choose a genuine platform where all these matters are easily taken care of without hampering your peace of mind.  

Buying a used motorcycle in Delhi is a good deal. You do not need to have a good budget. You’ll get a quality bike on a pocket-friendly budget as well. Take your time to choose the best bike and refurbish it once. Take a test ride, use the gears, hear the sounds, check the papers, and finally buy it. Happy riding:-)


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