Unique Star Registration For Your Loved Ones

This season, gift your loved ones the one thing that they could never think about! Star registration under their name is something that they would never have thought of, but they would be highly pleased with this thoughtful gift of yours. Sparkling star register is a platform that offers the best star registration everywhere you ask for. Learn about how to buy a star registration in anyone’s name. 

Unrivaled Quality

A gift of star registration from sparkling star register has unmatched quality. You can get such a thoughtful gift either in hard-copy printed form are truly unique. If you choose the digital option, you will get all the items in a digital mode. However, you will surely receive a 3-piece certificate packed and sent by email. Let us discuss these three items in detail to understand how star registration works:

Certificate of registration: You will receive a customized certificate which details your star name, the astronomical coordinates, and a personal message that you want to convey forever to the dear one you are gifting the star to. All of it will be printed on high-quality 220gsm museum-grade paper made with parchment. This paper is embossed and foiled in gold.

Star Chart Map & Photo: Be it star registration of any order, we provide astronomically verified coordinates in space. With this, one can find them easily by a simple search. We have further upgraded our pack which comes with a printed star chart and photo of your star.

Gift Presentation Folder: All these documents are precious and important, so keeping them in a safe place is also necessary. Make your certificate presentable and prepare an arrangement where you can keep it stored forever. Do this with the glossy presentation folder brought to you by the sparkling star register. The presentation packs provided are suitable for those who are getting them for their loved ones as a gift.

Did you know that they have an app? After star registration, you can use their app (or even their search tool online) to search through the official database. 

All about sparkling star register

To make sure that you get the best only, we have made sure that we follow the best standards in the industry. Following are the features that make star registration with us a trustable process:

  • Choose your star name: The biggest part of naming a star is that you get the desired name only, along with its uniqueness. Therefore, whenever you get a star registration with us, we assign a file in the register. It is based on your criteria and your desired name. Then we get it patented, after which we allow everyone to search for your name and view the star in the entire cosmos. 


  • The leading name in star registration service: Many pretentious sites are copying this model, but we are the original and official service for star registration. This is proven by our year of establishment and long duration of service. We started serving in 1989, and from then, we have executed star registration for thousands of people, even celebrities too!

  • Ethics and quality: Our quality is our pride. When you get a star registration with us, we assure you that you are getting only the best in the lot. All our raw materials and other items are sourced from sustainable regions. We are a carbon-neutral establishment, and we donate with each order, fulfilling the responsibility towards the world.

  • Our award-winning gift pack: After the star registration and placement of the order, we pack it up quickly and send it with care. If you choose to upgrade, we send our award-winning personalized certificate pack which looks elegant too.

Our star registration service stays in demand throughout the year. Following are the purposes where our service has been highly demanded. You can refer to this list for gifting purposes:


  • Birthdays: Mark a star in remembrance of the years they have lived on earth.
  • Christmas: To make a night twinkle with the name of your loved ones.
  • Anniversaries: As a gift to your spouse.
  • Graduations: To congratulate them on their successful journey ahead.
  • Valentine’s day: To show love and endearment to your other half. 
  • Weddings: To mark an eventful chapter of your life.
  • Mother’s day: This is a wonderful gift if you want to thank her for being with you through thick and thin. To shape you to be a better person.
  • Father’s day: This is a gift with thoughtfulness. You can gift it to be thankful for their unending support. He stayed with you and supported all your decisions while being a guiding light.
  • Funeral: To always find your loved ones whenever you travel, even after they have left the Earth. You will be assured that they are looking at you all the time. 
  • Remembrance: Register a star in the name of the one who always inspired you, even after they are no more with you. 
  • Births: A new life opens the gate of unbridled energy, joy, and warmth. Mark this even with star registration.
  • Friendships: This is to mark the unending promise of support and fun through all the times. To the greatest bond on Earth!

Or other occasions that ask for such a thoughtful and beautiful gift. All our star registration certificates and gift kits come with great care and precision, and warmth. Doesn’t matter if it is a digital or physical order, we pack them in “packaged to present” condition, so that you are ready to gift them as soon as it arrives. Yellow dwarfs, blue stars, red dwarfs, orange dwarfs, neutron stars, blue giants, and neutron stars are waiting for you to be named. Lighten up someone’s world, by lightening up a star in the galaxy with their name. Get a star registered, and this star will stay for a trillion for years to come. The sky full of twinkling stars will be a constant source of fascination forever. Star registration will further make you go awe with this fascinating sky.


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