Top Free Kick Takers of All Time

The ability to correctly use standard positions often becomes that “trifle” that decides the outcome of big fights. With a generally equal game, the victory is won by the one in whose lineup there is a skilled person who flawlessly scores the free kick and did not give the goalkeeper a chance to save. 

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David Beckham – 65 goals

The English midfielder has become a legend as a free kick scorer during his 11-year stint with Manchester United’s first team. At first glance, Beckham’s technique of scoring of standards was never any special, but his trademark spin of the ball with his right foot in England even got its own name – many experts, commentators and fans compared it to the bend of a banana. Somewhere along this trajectory, Beckham always tried to send the ball into the opponent’s goal from the free kick, and the kick became unbearable for the goalkeeper when David hit the corner clearly osrs gold.

Ronaldinho – 66 goals

Not all Barcelona players received a standing ovation from Real Madrid fans right at the Santiago Bernabeu for their excellent small mechanical gaming keyboard game. In Ronaldinho’s career, this was, and this once again testifies to his exclusivity. In 2005, the Brazilian received the most prestigious individual award in the world of football – Ballon d’Or from France Football, but this did not affect his character. Ronaldinho remained the same smiling and bright guy, and the skillful scorer of free kicks only complemented his stellar status on the field.

Pele – 70 heads

Brazilian Pele is perhaps the most ingenious footballer who has ever appeared on the planet. On account of his not only three victories at the world championships (in 1958, 1962 and 1970), which already makes him an exceptional player in the history of football but also a number of other fantastic records that have not been rewritten so far, for simple the listing of which will take an incredible amount of time and effort. Some of Pele’s achievements were recognized by experts in the Guinness Book of Records, for which the Brazilian received the appropriate certificates.

Those who saw Pele play live, certainly admired the actions of the Brazilian on the field. He had everything – speed, technique, endurance, strength, accuracy, excellent vision of the field and understanding of the situation. But what else Pele did very well was scoring free kicks. If you look at the cut of the brightest goals of the “King of Football”, available on Youtube, you can see that in most situations the Brazilian seemed to be banal for strength. His shots lacked the grace of Ronaldinho’s strikes, or Beckham’s filigree precision. Rather, Pele’s free-throw execution can be compared to that of another great Brazilian left-back Roberto Carlos many years later.


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