The Ultimate Guide To Semi-Truck Trailer Collision Claims & Injury Compensation

The tremendous devastation caused by a semi-truck accident can destroy a family’s life in the blink of an eye. The surviving members of a person involved in a fatal semi-truck collision or a semi-truck accident victim have a right to demand pecuniary compensation for their physical and emotional loss. The victims can only get compensation if they successfully file a legal claim against the truck driver, the trucking company, and all of the other liable entities. Mississippi semi-trailer truck accident lawyers with a track record of successfully settling truck accidents could help you and your loved ones overcome the financial burden caused by a semi-truck accident.


The Time It Takes To Settle A Semi-Truck Trailer Collision Claim

Where there are semi-truck trailer collision claims, there will be victims that need to know the time it takes to settle a claim. Victims seek out the answer to this question with a sense of urgency because they might be facing medical bills, repair costs, and other expenses due to the semi-truck trailer accident. There is no doubt that there will be an increasing burden of treatment costs for the victim of the semi-truck trailer collision which can include medical tests, procedures, and doctor’s bills. In addition to these costs, daily living expenses will not miraculously disappear after the semi-truck trailer collision takes place. 

The victim of the semi-truck trailer collision may be unemployed for many months after the accident. Losing your job can mean accumulating financial strain related to paying a mortgage, rent, purchasing daily necessities, and putting food on the table. There is no question about it, life after a semi-truck trailer will become exceedingly challenging. There can be certain incidents where the victim might not be able to go back to work. This is because, for the victim, recovery to a physical condition like that of before the accident occurred is not possible.

These are just some of the reasons why victims are compelled to hire a Ridgeland personal injury lawyer to find out the exact time it takes to receive compensation from a claim associated with a semi-truck collision. 


Do Semi-Truck Trailer Collision Cases Go To Trial?

The victim must have a convincing case against the truck driver to establish responsibility on behalf of the trucking company or truck driver. The insurance company defense attorney representing the trucking company will not settle simply because a victim died or sustained life-threatening injuries. The personal injury lawyer, representing the victim, must be able to prove to the court without a reasonable doubt that the trucking company’s negligence caused the devastating accident. 

There can be some cases that do go to trial. In most cases, with the enormous amounts of insurance involved and the high stakes, a majority of the cases are settled even before going to court. 


Can I Sue After A Semi-Truck Trailer Collision?

The victim of a semi-truck trailer collision can sue the liable party for damages. Based on Mississippi’s comparative negligence laws, the victim can file a lawsuit even if they are partly at fault for the accident. The jury can assign a percentage of fault to the victim and reduce their compensation based on that information. Another important factor to consider is when the lawsuit is being filed by the victim. 

In Mississippi, the victim of a semi-truck trailer collision has two years from the accident to file a lawsuit. There are certain cases where the victim has only six months from the date of the accident to file a claim. This is true if the claim is against a state agency or municipality. Once the time period to file a claim has passed, filing a claim against the perpetrator will have no legal effect. 


How Can I Hire A Lawyer After A Semi-Truck Trailer Collision?

Contacting a reputable Mississippi semi-truck collision lawyer is the only way to find out if you have a valid claim. A professional Mississippi semi-truck crash attorney will review the information you provide and take the necessary steps to make sure that your rights are legally safeguarded. One of the most important considerations for a valid case to receive successful compensation is to collect the evidence. The personal injury lawyer will need all the information they can get to scour out the facts and proof related to the semi-truck trailer collision. 


Gathering Evidence From A Semi-Truck Trailer Collision

The reason why an accident occurred is rarely obvious at the time of the crash. An intelligent Mississippi truck accident attorney will scrutinize all of the documents and statements to find the proof and evidence to vindicate the truck driver or the trucking company. The attorney might decide to perform a detailed inspection of the site of the accident. The attorney will also pour over the documents provided by the trucking company as this could provide valuable information about the accident. 


Examining The Location Of The Accident

The Mississippi state personal injury attorney will examine the site of the accident to find clues that may have been overlooked by the initial investigation. The defense attorney will go through some of these documents to find key evidence related to the case:

  • Pictures of the accident location
  • Pictures of the damage to the motor vehicles with their condition and position in the accident
  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Video surveillance
  • Accident reconstruction reports
  • Police report

Since each case is different, the defense attorney might require other pieces of information in addition to these proofs. 

Keeping Track Of Medical Treatment

A semi-truck trailer collision can be physically devastating for the victim of the crash. A victim might need to receive treatment from multiple doctors and medical institutes. Some people make the mistake of not keeping track of the medical costs associated with the treatment of the victim’s injuries. 

Your defense attorney will need detailed information about the injuries suffered by the victim to help you receive just compensation. The information in these medical documents will help the defense attorney substantiate the claims made against the party responsible for the crash. In most cases, trucking companies will have insurance providers that can easily compensate the victims if they deem it to be necessary.


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