The Importance of a Land Survey

There are over 4,713 professional land surveyors currently working in the United States.

A land surveyor is not a career you often hear about, but it’s one of the most important jobs in the country. A land surveyor is an individual who measures and maps the land.

They measure the boundaries of a property, as well as determine its location on a map. Land surveyors work in different environments, from urban to rural and everything in between.

If you are wondering about the importance of a land survey, this short and simple guide is for you.

Establishing Property Boundaries

When a person buys property, the first thing they need to do is establish where their property line begins and ends. You can do this by having a licensed land surveyor come out and map out the boundary lines.

The land surveyor will also determine if there are any easements on the property. They will make sure that all the markers are still standing and readable.

Identifying Easements

Easements are a type of right to use another person’s land. You establish them to ensure that there is access to public utilities, such as water, sewer, or electricity.

A land surveyor from ALTA surveys can help you determine if there are any easements on your property. They will also be able to mark them on the map so that they are visible and identifiable.

Ensuring Zoning Compliance

Zoning is a legal designation that regulates the use of land. You want to ensure that your property complies with local zoning regulations before you buy it.

A land survey company can help you determine if your property has the proper zoning designation and mark it on your survey map. This will prevent you from making costly mistakes in the future.

Obtaining Building Permits

If you are planning to build a structure on your property, you’ll need to get building permits from the local municipality. This is an important step in making sure that your property complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

A surveyor can help you get the permits you need. They can also prepare any necessary plans and specifications for building projects.

Assessing Property Value

If you are planning to sell your property, it is important to determine its current value. Land surveying can help you do this.

They can prepare a property appraisal that will give you an idea of what the market thinks your land is worth. This is useful for both real estate transactions and tax assessments.

A Land Survey Serves an Important Purpose

It’s a good idea to get a survey done before you buy a property to avoid any surprises down the road.

A land survey will help identify any problems with boundaries, easements, zoning, or building restrictions. A survey can also provide property owners with information about their land that they may have never known.

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