Reasons Why You Need to Invest in a POS Contactless System

Due to the current pandemic, paying and accepting cash payments is no longer a welcome idea. No one wants to catch the virus. Everyone wants to keep their safe distances to minimize the chances of infection.

Consumers are continuously searching for contactless payment options. And to meet this demand, it only makes sense that businesses also invest in a POS contactless system.

  • What is a POS Contactless System?

Contactless means “without contact or touch.” It is also known as a POS touchless system. A POS contactless system is a payment option for customers and businesses to pay and receive payments without including any form of physical contact.

The POS payment method enables options such as

  • NFC (Near Field Communications) payments
  • Mobile Wallet payments
  • Scan and pay payments
  • UPI apps
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay etc

If you plan to invest in a contactless POS payment system, here are some of the benefits you stand to stand to gain.

  1. Speedy Transactions

Contactless payments are so much faster and reliable than both cash and card payments. You don’t have to wait for customers to search their wallets for cash or credit or debit card or even enter their pin.

You also don’t have to waste so much time counting back change for customers, which speeds up the process, even further. Faster transactions translate to shorter cues and less congestion.

  1. Improved Customer Experience and Customer Satisfaction

Any successful business can confirm that focusing more on the customer experience is the key to success. That is just what you’ll get from contactless payments.

You do know that customers hate to wait in long queues. So as the waiting time decreases, customer satisfaction will increase. And when customer satisfaction levels are up, customer loyalty will also go up.

According to recent statistics, customers who have already embraced POS contactless systems are frequent users. Their loyalty lies towards businesses that enable them.

  1. Improved Sanitation

Sanitation has always been an essential part of running a business, but even more now during this pandemic. Limiting physical contact is a top priority for all businesses.

Indeed, retailers have been very keen on sanitizing their card terminals after every transaction. But that alone is not enough to guarantee safety. That’s the point where contactless payments come into play.

With a contactless payment system, your customers never have to touch the card terminal or the pin pad for any reason. They will only need to handle their card, smartphone, tablet, or any other mobile devices they have to complete the transaction. That means less physical contact and hence less transmission of germs and COVID-19 virus in your business premises.

  1. No Additional Cost on Your Business

If you decide to invest in a contactless payment system, you will not need to pay additional processing fees. The usual fees that exist for your regular debit or credit card transaction will also apply in this case. So you don’t have to worry about any negative financial implication on your business for providing the contactless payment option.

  1. Increased Profits on Your Business

Providing contactless payment options comes with a chain of benefits for your business.

Faster transactions translate to shorter queues, less waiting time, better customer experience, increased customer satisfaction, and loyalty. All these will lead to more transactions, more sales and hence more profits.


As you can see, there is nothing to lose by investing in a contactless payment system. There’s more gain to your business by the day.

Recent studies reveal that contactless payment is going nowhere any time soon. It can only get powerful and even more in the future.

If you still haven’t invested in a contactless payment system, you are better off doing so sooner rather than later.


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