Positive Student-Teacher Relationship

Positive Student-Teacher Relationship

Students and teachers are complementing each other. A healthy and balanced relationship between student and teacher is the base of the best teaching and learning process. A good relationship between students and teachers benefits the students by enhancing their social-emotional skills and making them curious towards knowledge and information. This relationship makes students achieve good scores and good grades. It is a special kind of bond of trust which gets stronger with time and mutual respect for each other. Positive relationship of students with teachers makes them feel guarded and safe along with satisfaction of having a good education level also. This can be understood by the dedication level of teachers towards students and focus level of students towards their teacher’s teaching. They learnt how to teach online to make learning easy for the students although when online learning was introduced most of the teachers were not aware of how to teach online. It is the effect of the positive relationship of students with teachers that they guide them step by step such as providing them LMS portals. LMS portals help students a lot while learning online. Such good teachers motivate the students to engage themselves in studying and learning. Effect of a positive student-teacher can be understood by its long-term effect on the life of students. When teachers care for the students, they give their 100% to make students understand the topics and subjects they teach and students also put their all efforts into not letting the hard work of their tutors go into the vein. Sometimes it can happen that it takes more than usual time for a student to make such a trustworthy bond with the teacher but most of the time the dedication level of the teacher to decorate the future and focus of the students towards the teachings of the teacher creates an incredible positive student-teacher relationship. Although this relationship is mutual, it is assumed that an experienced teacher should take responsibility for this foremost. So, if teacher follows following steps, then definitely it can develop a positive teacher-student relationship:

  • Teachers should be sensitive enough towards each and every expression of the students and should respond accordingly so that students should not feel neglected. Teachers should not have a cold attitude towards their students and they should interact with their students positively. This makes students full of gratitude towards their faculty.
  • Teachers should not work for only salary; they should be dedicated towards decorating the future of the children studying under them. Teachers should have complete knowledge about their students so that they can work on their progress and development. It is so, because every student is different from each other and in the same way each and all students need directions for development differently. Hence, a teacher needs to be sensitive enough to make a positive teacher-student relationship.
  • To win the hearts of students and impress them enough to follow, the teacher needs to come into the class to teach with full preparation. When the teacher comes with full preparation then he is able to solve and answer all the queries of the students which makes students trust the knowledge of the teacher and builds a bridge of trust where students feel a sense of care and sensitivity which again creates a positive student-teacher relationship. Teachers need to understand the difficulties of students instead of being punitive and robust.
  • To make a positive relationship with the students’ teachers need to give the students a chance to speak and share their feelings, thoughts and doubts regarding the learning process and topics they learn in the particular subjects. It is so because teaching and learning is a two-way process not a one-way process where a teacher teaches only and the student listens to it only. Students must get a chance to ask their doubts and get clarification on them. In this way the relationship between teacher and students gets more positive.
  • Being polite towards students is another thing and leaving them being directionless is completely another thing. Politeness should be a part of teaching but this should be made very clear to the students that they will be responsible for the consequences if they break the rules. If in this balanced way teachers become successful to teach then a well-disciplined generation gets educated by them by having a positive relationship with them.


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