NTPC Full Form (National Thermal Power Corporation): A Brief Overview 4

NTPC Full Form (National Thermal Power Corporation): A Brief Overview 4


NTPC Full Form is National Thermal Power Corporation.NTPC is mainly engaged in the generation of electrical power. It is an ISO-certified company that is providing power to more than 170 million people. National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) is an Indian multinational public-sector company and a government-owned corporation, which was established in 1975. NTPC is mainly engaged in the generation of electrical power. It is the largest power company in India, supplying power to more than 170 million people. Clean and efficient power plants, backed by stringent emission norms, have ensured that NTPC continues to be a role model for other power generating companies in India.


NTPC full form || What is NTPC?

An electric utility company, NTPC produces, transmits, distributes, and sells electricity throughout the country. National Thermal Power Corporation was incorporated in 1975 as a part of the Ministry of Power to meet the ever growing demand for power generation in the country. The idea behind the name “National Thermal Power Corporation” was to create a platform to maximize the country’s potential in thermal power.

Since then, it has become a flagship organization of the government. In the last three decades, it has gained extensive experience and skilled human resources. Do you also know NTPC generates more than 20% of the total electricity consumed in the country? According to the NTPC, in the year 2012-13, the total installed capacity of NTPC was 140 GW. NTPC Ltd.


What is the NTPC’s Vision? || NTPC ka full form

It is dedicated to generating more and more energy and improving its existing systems and processes. It aims to provide world-class infrastructure and services. Unique Features of NTPC Mumbai Conventional Power Plant and Solar Park; Construction of largest Solar Park, 250 MW, and one of the largest Coal-based Power Plant at 660 MW.

Construction of Smart Grid Network across NTPC Corporate Area of National Capital Territory, Delhi. NTPC has a blue chip board of directors and is financially and technically highly stable. Its most known projects are NTPC Thermal Power Station in Ghaziabad, Delhi (Phase-II), constructed and is under commercial operation.


What is the NTPC’s Mission? || full form of NTPC

The NTPC is mandated to be fully self-sufficient in generating electricity from sources compatible with environmental sustainability. The company develops all the electricity, and all of its power plants are in commercial operation.
The company’s generating capacity is more than 38 GW with about 4400 MW in Coal-fired, 5535 MW in natural gas-fired, 1461 MW in hydro, and 1013 MW from Nuclear. It also generates heat and desalinated water through electricity generation.


NTPC’s Activities || NTPC full form in hindi

NTPC is responsible for the generation of about 47 percent of total installed capacity and contributes about 50 percent of the Coal to the thermal power plant in India. NTPC’s sources for its power plants are thermal and nuclear power. NTPC has several subsidiaries that work as customer supplying entities and as well as contractors to the NTPC.

NTPC works closely with various other corporations to solve and meet the problems arising out of electricity transmission. NTPC generates power mainly from four power stations located in India. These are — By taking up projects with the Ministry of Environment and Forests of the Government of India and other Coal Boards of the Government of India, NTPC can utilize both thermal and nuclear energy.

Conclusion || NTPC full form

The power sector is one of the most booming industries in the world. Globally, it occupies about 26% of the global economy and has approximately 4% of its total world’s electricity production. And in India, the same is true. Of the full installed capacity in India, power generation accounts for more than 3,200 MW. And as of today, this sector is contributing over 1/4th of the whole power generation. NTPC full form To this entire achievement, NTPC has been making efforts to establish its presence in different parts of India. NTPC was founded in 1975, which is considered to be one of the most historical events in India’s power sector.

Today, NTPC is located in several country states, and almost 40% of its installed capacity is working outside of its headquarters.

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