Jon Mac Review about Store Formula

Jon Mac Review about Store Formula

Making money is the primary purpose of living these days. While some choose the 9-5 jobs, others set out and start their online stores. There is a lot of scope in the eCommerce field at present. So, there are hundreds and thousands of people looking for ways to join the online business by opening an online store. 

To confuse us enough, several online platforms provide eCommerce courses trying to grab the eye. I was one among those searching for a credible and genuine course from Jon Mac, i.e., his Store Formula. Read to know my Jon Mac review and the course worked for me. 

What is the Store Formula? 

It is an online learning course or a product from Jon Mac. The course presents different HD videos, mp3 recordings, and several transcripts as a part of the training. Jon helps people create their eCommerce website and develop the same to generate six-figure revenues. Moreover, the course is about working in-hand with dropshipping and Commerce HQ. 

While it is uncommon to find a course based on dropshipping, Commerce HQ is Jon’s website that gives tough competition to the Shopify platform. Jon’s tools are pretty fast and convenient to use, raising a heated debate between these two platforms. But is this program worth your investment? Read the following Jon Mac review to answer this question by yourself. 

Who is Jon Mac? 

Amid a pool of people boasting a lot and delivering nothing stands a confident man named Jon Mac with proven methods. He tries to help his students create an eCommerce empire on their own and fulfill their dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs. 

Jon is an inspirational speaker, author, marketing strategist, and entrepreneur himself. He co-founded the successfully running Commerce HQ platform to help people create websites for their online stores. He organizes one-on-one sessions, mentorship programs, and several other sessions to help everyone as much as he can. 

Willing to write about Jon Mac review took me along Jon’s social media handles like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Astonishingly, his follower numbers are considerably high, and the content posted here is quite interesting. Jon seems to be really confident and aware of everything he speaks. 

What is included in the Store Formula? 

It now takes me to the base of the Store Formula as a part of the Jon Mac review. I’ve never seen a course as easy and detailed as this one, to be honest. Jon teaches everything about the eCommerce stores right from the scratch. Here, you can learn how to create an online store, what to sell from it, and how to run it successfully. 

The entire course is divided into 4 weeks with different modules containing HD video and mp3 recordings, transcripts, etc. Towards the end, students can also access the bonus questionnaire modules and get all the doubts clarified. Adding to this are the alumni students who help and motivate the ongoing batches. 

What to expect in this course? 

There are around 53 videos from the Store Formula course. As per Jon’s statements, the course is an excellent route for those who are entirely new to online stores. However, people with existing sources can also benefit from the course by learning how to improve the revenue. 

A special mention in this Jon Mac review is the course availability. You can access the course anywhere and whenever you feel like it if you are connected to the internet. Moreover, Jon updates the course constantly to match the latest trends. So, you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything from the Store Formula. 

This is what Store Formula offers you: 

  • 6 stores on Commerce HQ for a year 

As mentioned above, students can use the Commerce HQ website and the tools to create up to six online stores. Jon provides access to these tools for everyone enrolling in the course. 

  • Alumni Community 

There is a private group of nearly three thousand alumni students. You can reach out to them as and when you feel like it, and they constantly motivate every ongoing batch. 

  • Proven Results 

Jon claims that several students succeed in creating and running their online stores through his mentorship and techniques. As in, he states that his methods have proven results. 

  • Guaranteed results for action takers 

Jon constantly emphasizes that the store’s success entirely depends on the one creating it. If you don’t work constantly, there is no point in anything. I couldn’t stop but agreed! 

The Course Breakdown 

Jon covers the entire Store Formula course in 53 videos in four weeks. 


Here, Jon introduces himself briefly and talks about the people for whom he created the course. He also explains how the course proceeds. 

  • Week 1: Build 

In the first week, Jon teaches how to create an eCommerce website and provides the Commerce HQ tools for doing so. 

  • Week 2: Select 

In the second week, Jon talks about selecting the hero product to sell in your stores. He also covers crucial topics like pricing, profit margin, etc. 

  • Week 3: Launch 

The third week of the Store Formula deals with understanding, creating, and running a successful ad campaign on social media platforms like Facebook. 

  • Week 4: Outsource 

In the last week, Jon talks about the need of hiring a worthy team to carry out the business successfully. 

  • Bonus 

In this session, you can clarify all your doubts and sometimes get a chance to talk to Jon directly through the hot seat sessions. 

Is it a worthy course? 

Being a person who never was interested in writing reviews, I didn’t decide on writing the Jon Mac review soon. Going through the course helped me understand a lot of aspects of eCommerce businesses. I tried several courses before but the Store Formula did help me reach what I always wanted to. 

Be it the video recordings, one-on-one sessions, or anything from the course, I never came across any dropshipping course as intriguing as this one. Though the pricing may alarm some people, I feel every minute and penny invested in the Store Formula comes back to you in flying colors. 


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