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At the moment, buying property abroad is becoming increasingly popular among foreigners. This is due primarily to the growth of prosperity and, of course, with quite reasonable prices for such real estate. Apartments in Turkey are in the greatest demand. After all, they can be bought not only for personal recreation but also to earn some extra money by renting an apartment in Turkey for other vacationers. But of course, first of all, they are purchased for personal recreation, but if you want to combine business with pleasure, we recommend choosing a major tourist place. To check out prices for apartments in Mahmutlar, Antalya, or Izmir go over to the Turk.Estate website. In this article we will observe why Side is so attractive for expats and why is it worth investing in an apartment there.

Characteristics of Side

One of these is Side. An apartment in Side will allow you to enjoy your vacation on your own and simply rent out an apartment in Turkey. After all, this city is popular with foreigners, and its magnificent beaches stretching for many kilometers have fascinated tourists for a long time. They are the main attraction of the city. And since it is located on a peninsula, the coastline in the vicinity of the city is quite large. The beaches here are mostly sandy, only in some places, you can find mixed areas. In addition, the entrance to the sea here is quite gentle, so these beaches are almost ideal for families with children.

Attractiveness of Side

  1. Looking at the photos of apartments in Turkey you can note that only low-rise buildings are represented in the city. This is because the modern city is located on the ruins of the ancient one. Because of this, the development here is carried out very carefully, to avoid damage to ancient relics. Thanks to this, the city itself has an amazing atmosphere of combining ancient works of art with modern buildings. 
  • By the way, that is why it is almost impossible to find a new-built apartment in Side. Most of them are presented in the vicinity of the city, where there is no such accumulation of ruins of historical value. 
  • At the same time, there are significantly fewer tourists who come to visit from all over Turkey.
  1. Another factor in the popularity of Side apartments is the well-being of the city and its environs, as well as the developed tourist and entertainment infrastructure. After all, here you will not be boring day or night. At the same time, thanks to the favorable location of the city, from here you can go on an excursion to any corner of Turkey. 
  2. In addition, one cannot fail to note the attractiveness of the city in terms of shopping. Many note that having an apartment in Side, it is simply a sin not to purchase gold items and carpets of local craftsmen, which are much cheaper here.

Real estate in Turkey

In general, Side is quite an interesting city, the atmosphere of which is quite difficult to convey. But having bought an apartment in Turkey, you will surely fall in love with this place. To help you with the purchase there are the specialists of Turk.Estate website who are ready to answer any of your questions and assist you with the deal.

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