How Vhanime Changed Our Style

How Vhanime Changed Our Style

Are you an anime fan? If yes, then read this whole article. You might find something amazing after reading it. So you chose to read the full article now I know that you are an anime fan, so I am pretty sure you know many websites of anime out there, by you might also know how the complex interface and spam of pop-ups irritate you. I have a solution for all your problems, and the solution is only one word. Vhanime is the answer. Now you don’t have to surf through 10 websites to find your favourite anime, just go to vhanime and just search for the anime you want to watch.


About Vhanime

Vhanime is an online anime streaming website where you can stream all kinds of anime, be it English dubbed or the latest released movie. Everything is available on one single website. And you can also read articles when you are finished with one anime to find out which anime to start with. You can also surf the most popular animes, top aired, and best animes in 2022. For your reference, all of them are located in the navigation bar. You can also read some interesting facts about anime by browsing the website and get more knowledge about the thing you love the most.


Best anime series to watch

Here is a list of all the best anime you can watch:

  • Dragon Ball Series – if you are a 90’s kid, you might get nostalgic after reading the word “dragon ball”. Who didn’t love to see Goku fight and that Goku made this anime the best anime to watch? Dragon Ball was started as a comedy manga in the Shounen Jump in the year 1989, but as Akira Toriyama, the writer of Dragon Ball, stated, people loved the action genre better than comedy, so he focused on making Dragon Ball an action anime. This anime is all about action and fun, where an inspiring fighter named Goku challenges everyone that comes in his way to become stronger.


  • Overlord – if you like any show where the main character is overpowered, then you should watch this anime. With 4 seasons and other seasons still upcoming this anime is very popular in the isekai genre. An op-game player somehow comes into the world of the game which he was playing and was number one in the whole world. His character was very overpowered and he continues to remain the same. He destroys everyone with a snap of his finger who even tries to come in his way.


  • Fairy Tail: If you love your friends more than anything, then this anime is just for you. This anime shows the love of friends and family and how a friend can do anything for you. The story is about a guild called “Fairy Tail” where the main character, Natsu Dragneel the Dragon Slayer, with his other friends, saves his guild from every trouble that comes in front of them. The emotion called “fear” doesn’t exist in the same world where fairy tales do. I’ll recommend watching this anime with your friends. That way, it will be more fun.


  • Attack of the Titans: Do you love thrillers? If yes, then don’t make the mistake of missing the attack on Titans out. This series is the ideal blend of thriller, politics, and action. This anime is about mutant humans who became titans who grew 10 times the human size, and they started attacking and eating other humans. At first, their origin was unknown, but later everything became clear about the world where those people lived and the outer world. Don’t miss out on the thrill of attacking titans.


  • Do you want to exercise your brain? Yes, I am not kidding. After watching this, your brain will get a muscle or two because of Lelouch. My words are not making sense yet, but after watching Code Geiss, you will understand everything I am trying to say. This anime is about a boy with strong nationalist feelings who fights a whole nation who was dominating the world with a little help from a grass who lends him some superpowers, but mostly he uses his brain to get things done and defeat the strongest nation.


The best anime movie of all time


  • Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) – if you are an anime fan or not everyone has watched this beautiful movie. This is the perfect combination of science fiction and romance. The ending of this movie will make your eyes water. This anime is a love story between two people who live in different locations and, more amusingly, in different time zones. Some supernatural power somehow exchanged their souls into each other’s bodies to save other people from a meteor shower. This is a very beautiful portrayal of their love story.


  • Weathering with you – with animation quality off the charts everyone who has watched the movie never had one single negative review. This is also a love story of two teens, but this is not like any other boring love story. These two teens had to face many difficulties on their way to saving each other. Even the police were after them, but they never left each other’s side and fought everyone who came in their way.


  • A Silent Voice: This is one of the best anime movies with a very beautiful message behind it. The story of this movie is that there was a boy who used to be a class bully who used to bully a deaf and mute girl. He stopped being a bully and got bullied himself. Then he realized what that girl went through and he went all the way through his limits to apologize for his past behaviour. This movie will surely make you cry.


You can watch all of this anime without having to go through the trouble of browsing many websites. Just go to vhanime and search for your favourite anime and start watching it.


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