How to Spot a Rogue Online Casino

The reality of online gambling is, not all online casinos are good. You might unintentionally join a rogue online casino and lose your funds or have your data stolen. The trick is, to make sure that you join a legit casino site.

How can you spot a rogue online casino? There are thousands of online casinos in existence and it is a player’s responsibility to choose one that is legitimate. You have to do a thorough check of the website and look for what other players have to say about their experiences playing at the online casino.

It doesn’t end there, for more details on how to spot a rogue online casino, you can read below.

Do A Thorough Check of the Website

Doing a thorough check of an online casino begins with the name. Going through all the challenges of starting a business means you’ll give it a unique meaningful name. Rogue online casinos usually pick generic names that are similar to bigger, experienced and legit online casinos.

Also, the casino has to be transparent and share the details of the company operating it and its licenses. These details are normally written at the bottom of the site. There should be a license number and link. Check the details of the company operating the casino, google it and even visit its website.

Click on the license link to see if it leads to the license. With rogue online casinos, the link usually leads to nothing or a site that has nothing to do with a gambling license.

The more obvious hints can be the promotions, specifically the welcome offer. Does it seem too good to be true? Remember that an online casino is a business, therefore its aim is to make a profit.

It shouldn’t be giving away free cash bonuses. With free cash bonuses, comes a ridiculously high minimum amount required for you to qualify. They sometimes also have extremely high or low wagering requirements. Look out for those before signing up.

Look for Player Reviews

Player reviews confirm that there are players that play in the online casino you’re interested in. Also, they can help you see what they’ve experienced. Besides player reviews, there are trusted websites that review online casinos. Check what they have to say about this casino and the rating they’ve given it.

Through such platforms, you can be able to see if there has been any outrage from customers due to a long list of unsolved complaints.

What Software Providers Are Behind The Casino Games?

If you’re in it to play online casino dice games, cards, slots and live titles, then check who the casino partners with to get them. Casino games are provided by software companies and some of the most popular are Play’n GO, NetEnt and Red Tiger Gaming.

Each game provided by a legit software company has a license that you can link to the company. The casino should be transparent enough to have the license number of each game available to customers before they register.

So the licensing number should relate to the provider or at least be in line with the game. If you think the online casino has the game without the knowledge of the provider, you can visit the provider’s site, and ask for more details on the licensing of the game and if they don’t match what’s shown on the online casino, you can even report it.

Otherwise, that’s a clear red flag and a clear indication that you shouldn’t join the site.

Try Contacting Customer Support

You don’t want to find yourself in a sticky situation where you can’t withdraw your funds and you’ve been trying to get ahold of support for over 24 hours to no avail. So, if you’ve done all the checkings above and still aren’t sure whether to join the online casino or not, then try contacting support now.

Most illegal online casinos do not put much effort into ensuring excellent customer support because they assume that by the time you contact them, they would’ve gotten what they want. Ask basic questions on the live chat support during the time it’s indicated available.

You can ask questions like which software providers they partner with, where they’re licensed and their third-party auditor. Legit online casinos dedicated to satisfying their customers ensure that even the newest of their staff members are able to answer these questions.

If they aren’t able to answer these questions, then that’s a problem. Also, if you’re communicating in English or a native language to the website and they’re struggling, then that’s another indication you shouldn’t join the site.

Now You Can Decide Whether Or Not To Join

Once you’ve done a thorough check of the online casino site you’re interested in and tried out some of its features, then you can decide whether to join it or not. If it’s a legitimate site, then great, the only thing you have to decide is whether it’s worth spending your money on.

If there are red flags, even if it’s one of the things out of all the above-mentioned, then run. It’s not a good idea to join an online casino with questionable elements.

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