How to Recover Data from A Formatted Drive?


Accidents do happen, and data does get lost. But the important thing here is that you must have a data recovery strategy at the shore all the time to have an easy way out. In addition to that, you must follow the best practices that come after data loss events have taken place.

You should think twice and do with caution when it comes to formatting your disk because this results in wiping out the whole drive. all your data will be gone then. When such a scenario occurs, the only question that arises in mind is whether the formatted data can be recovered.

Can You Recover Data After Format?

Formatting refers to the initialization process, and the users make the space in the drive for the storage. In simple layman’s terms, it is deleting data that are unnecessary and making space to store data that are needed.

However, removing redundant data can backfire as human errors do happen, and people mistakenly delete some of the needed data. Now the question is, can we recover formatted data? And the answer is, Yes! Fortunately, data recovery is possible with the help of professional software, let’s say, iBoysoft data recovery software

Recovering Data Using Data Recovery software

Before we can start with the data recovery procedure, you need to understand the two situations of the drive formation.

  • Situation 1: There is a drive that houses all your important data. But the moment you try to access the data, the system prompts you to format it before using it. At this moment, you cannot just agree with the prompt and move on with the situation. 

If you agree with the prompt, all your data in the drive will be lost forever. And automatisering even using data recovery software, not all can be recovered.

  • Situation 2: Another situation where your drive does not allow you to access the files and folder is when your drive becomes RAW. This is when your system does not recognize the drive file system. Continuing working with the RAW drive will further deteriorate the situation. So, my advice will be to leave them all alone.

Instead of re-trying to access the drive, follow these steps to recover data. There are several data recovery software tools that offer their services to recover data from a formatted drive. Look for software that complements your needs. To make it easier for you, we have selected iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac as an example. Check the below procedure for detailed steps.

Step 1: Install Data Recovery Software

Install iBoysoft data recovery software in the computer system. Launch the software, the software’s interface will show all the drives.

Step 2: Select the Drive

Look for the drive that needs to be scanned. Select the drive and start the scanning process. You must remember that the drive will show zero bytes of available storage in the case of RAW drive.

Step 3: Initiate Scan

Now that you have confirmed the drive initiate the scanning process. iBoysoft data recovery software comes with two scanning modes: Deep Scan & Quick Scan. Select the scanning modes depending on your need.

Step 4: Preview the Data

After a few minutes, all the results will be available on the screen. Select all if you want to recover all. Or, if there is only selective data that needs to be recovered, preview the data and recover the selective data.

Step 5: Recover

Once you are ready to recover the data, select the data and click recover. 

Note: At the time of recovery, you will be asked to give a drive location to recover the data. It is advisable that you connect an external drive for recovery. This ensures no overwrite action takes place.

Final Verdict

Some of you may ask what if you have formatted the drive. As for the question of whether you can recover data from a formatted drive, the above content has the answer. And for the people who have already formatted the file, you can use iBoysoft data recovery software to recover data from an already formatted drive.


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