How to Pick the Right Neck Chain Length?


Who doesn’t love jewelry? It is true that the beauty of a good piece of ornament is unmatched. People who are fond of jewelry never step out without the right accessory for attire. From neck chain for men to earrings, a piece can make or break a look. It depends on the occasion and the style of dress, but the wearer’s choice is the most important deciding factor while buying a piece of jewelry. 

Necklaces can elevate any item of clothing, if worn correctly. A neck chain for men or women is the first thing people notice when they meet each other. Many people are avid collectors of necklaces and can vouch for the fact that the right necklace length is as important as its design. In this article, we will be looking into the types of chain lengths.

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Necklace Lengths

Your neck is a prominent part of your body, and adorning it with beautiful jewelry makes it even more beautiful. Though it is up to you what kind of jewelry you prefer, it is important to know what suits you and what does not. Chains are available in many lengths depending upon the clothing you are wearing. 

You can buy different size chains online from any website that sells good quality jewelry. You can also buy a neck chain for men and surprise your husband or brother this holiday season. Basically, there are six types of necklace lengths which you can choose from as per your need. They are designed in a way to suit all ages. Let us look into each of their features and benefits.

  • Collar: Collars are generally 12 inches to 14 inches in length. You can wear collars around your neck and make any outfit stand out. Although collars look best on long necks, anyone who wants to can wear them. They can also be worn as a neck chain for men with the right outfit. Being the shortest in length, a collar suits people with round and oval-shaped faces. It is worn with necklines such as V-necks, boat necks, etc., which show off your collar bones. A collar accentuates long necks by being tightly secured around them. 
  • Choker: Next in line are chokers which are 14 inches to 16 inches in length. They are slightly longer than collars. They fall a little lower on the neck and are also worn tightly around the neck. It is the most versatile of all the lengths of necklaces. It can be worn with any type of clothing as they suit every neckline. This is the reason why the choker is so popular amongst people of all ages. Similar to collars, chokers are also best suited for people with oval faces and long necks. 
  • Princess: A princess-length necklace is around 17 inches to 18 inches long. It is usually worn on the collarbone or slightly below it. This style of necklace length is considered the standard length for a range of different types of clothing. A princess can be paired with daytime as well as nighttime attire. It is the most bought necklace for men and women equally.
  • Matinee: A matinee-length necklace is about 20 inches to 24 inches long. It is worn on the neck between your collar bones and your bust. Being slightly longer than the previous styles, a matinee is a little audacious in their designs. This means that they are worn as statement pieces with formal and informal attire. They can be worn with all kinds of necklines and are generally coupled with pendants such as lockets and jewels. While some are asking what a locket necklace is for, they are extremely popular amongst people with bigger or petite builds.
  • Opera: An opera-length necklace is about 28 inches to 36 inches long. It is worn just below your bust and can elevate any look from mundane to exotic. You can wear a matinee as a long chain hanging below your bust or around your neck by wrapping it twice. This type of length goes well with all kinds of outfits. Be it traditional or trendy; a matinee can make every look worth a million bucks. This neck chain & earrings & studs for men is best suited for people who have a tall stature.
  • Rope: Longest of the lot, a rope length is about 36 inches to 51 inches long. It is best suited for formal and elegant clothing for all occasions. Being the longest style of necklaces, a rope falls below your bust, in the center of your abdomen. Rope necklaces also sometimes feature a knot at the bottom. They look best on people who are tall and have an elongated and slim body structure. 


In conclusion, you may choose any type of chain length, providing it suits your structure and attire. So why not accessorize your outfit and step up your style statement with quality products at the best price. The information given above is beneficial the next time you are getting ready to attend a party or a casual lunch. 

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