How to Learn Multiplying Decimals in a fun and Interactive Way?

What are Decimals?

In arithmetic, decimals are the type of number, which has a whole number and the fractional part separated by the decimal point. The dot present between the whole number and fractions part is termed as the decimal point. For instance, 39.05 is a decimal number. Here, 39 is a whole number part, while 05 is the fractional part. The dot here “.” is the decimal point.

What is Multiplication?

Multiplication is one of the important operations in Mathematics, the basic explanation of multiplication is adding a number in respective to another number consecutively.

Multiplication of single-digit numbers is a simple task, but multiplying two or more digit numbers can be a complicated and time-consuming task. To overcome that complication, you can use an online multiplication table for quick multiplications

Symbol of Multiplication:

The operation of multiplication is expressed by a cross sign (×) and sometimes also by a dot (.). In this blog, we are going to explore multiplying decimals in detail.

Tips to Learn Multiplying Decimals in a Fun and Interactive Way

Build Strong Foundation

Algebra is a subject that relies on the foundations when introducing consecutive important topics. For instance, when you start with the basic operations like adding and subtracting decimals. Then, as you build and strengthen your decimals skills, you can master more complex operations in algebra like multiplying decimals.

Don’t Memorize, Learn

A lot of people start learning the concepts of decimals by memorizing them. While this method is primitive and can work, it could also create difficulties in the future. Instead, it is beneficial to have a hold on number sense. It is better to grasp and understand how decimals and mathematical functions work rather than just memorizing them.

Set Goals

Once the students have mastered the basics of decimals, they can set goals as to what they want to focus on and excel in. If you are looking to be good with algebra and decimals, then set the right goals and work on them vigorously. Setting goals is one of the most important steps of getting a hold of the concepts.


As with any question or method, the most reliable way to master it is through regular and constant practice. Students can also exercise problems online or through worksheets. Workbooks can help students practice a variety of problems online through interactive training sessions. These worksheets are the best way to help you practice a variety of problems online. The best part is that the worksheets are easy to practice and can be downloaded in PDF formats.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Algebra is one of the subjects where it’s essential to take notes of your errors. One cannot afford to make the same mistakes. Also, if you look at it from a completely diverse perspective, mistakes can help students understand the whole concept, which can help them in the long run as one concept in algebra is related to the other. Hence mistakes can explain a string of problems and avoid trouble. This way, you can improve and revise errors and thus possibly arrive at the most accurate solution.

Grasp Concepts

While algebra is more about decimals than theory, there are comprehensive and combined concepts to help understand different types of related math problems. Most people work on multiplication and don’t pay much attention to the actual concept that is involved in one problem. Hence when it comes to decimals, one should always focus on the core concepts rather than focusing on the operations.

Ask Help When Needed

It’s completely okay to ask for guidance and assistance. Even if the students think they know the concepts and understand the concepts, they might need extra supervision to lead in the right direction and be more specific. One should consider getting a tutor, asking a friend, or seeking help from your professor or parents. Remember, it’s completely okay to ask for help when in need.


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