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The official website for Apna Khata Rajasthan 2022 Khet Jamabandi/ Khasra Nakal has recently been updated. Today, we’re going to give you all the information you need to know about “Apna Khata Rajasthan – Jamabandi Nakal / Khasra Online” in this article. “Apna Khata” is a new website set up by the Rajasthan government specifically for you people. Your land or account information (Land Records) is available online through this official portal. The primary goal of this plan is to make all of the relevant information about land available to the public via the internet. The account-khasra number, account transfer, and account copy can now be accessed online by any resident of Rajasthan.

Apna Khata’s Internet site

Entering the number “Apna Khata” into the Apna Khata portal will provide access to all of the land-related data for users. People can see their field jamabandi, khasra number, or land map (Naksha) online. Because it contains all of the land’s specifics. In addition, you can learn which account numbers are associated with specific individuals.. Whether or not the land belongs to a specific person or organization is a question that needs to be answered. The Apana khata Rajasthan portal provides you with all the information you need about land or land, including Rajasthan Land Records (Village-Wise) Details in Hindi.

Your Land’s data should always be available online

A person who purchases land from another person can find out through this official website if they are eligible for a loan. Because you can receive a loan from any bank and crop insurance on the basis of your land papers, you should. Commoners would no longer have to trudge around Patwari or Tehsil in search of information because of the opening of the Apna Khata website. Because everyone will be able to do their work from the comfort of their own homes thanks to the Internet.. An Online Resource for Rajasthani Culture and Traditions The Jamabandi of the farm, how to get the Khasra of the land, your account in Rajasthan in 2022, and Khasra Khasra of the land may all be found online.

eDharti Portal

E Dharti is another name for the Apna Khata Rajasthan Portal. There will be a new online gateway for all citizens of the state where they may find information on land ownership. To improve land-related services, the Apna Khata Rajasthan portal will play a vital role .’s The inhabitants of Rajasthan state will no longer have to travel to government offices in order to obtain information about their land thanks to the implementation of online farming-related services. From the comfort of his home, he may now access all of his account information.

The e-Dharti Portal Rajasthan would allow citizens to access all information linked to land in an open and transparent manner. It’s now possible to find out who owns the land, and who the genuine owner of the land is, thanks to a new site. Information on Jamabandi, Nakal Bhulekh, etc. may now be obtained online by residents of Rajasthan state. Because of the portal’s land-related services, fraud in land transactions has decreased. They can check their accounts, girdawari reports and jamabandi copies through the internet site thanks to land rights’ online services. 

You can get the Sarkati Alert to get information regarding e District UP.

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