Double Probes Portable Ultrasound Machines

Double Probes Portable Ultrasound Machines

If you are searching for a portable ultrasound machine, you can get here a high-quality and economical solution for you, whether it’s used for the abdominal scan, the superficial layer of the skin, or the cardiac scan, wireless or USB-connected, with an embedded screen, dual or single heads.

Create the best diagnostic paths possible using various advanced diagnostic and therapeutic tools, and operate together with other technologies, colleagues, and professionals to increase your efficiency and clinical capabilities.


  • Even using a cardiac ultrasound, move from monitoring the belly to the extremities.
  • A device consisting of two probes may do a superficial or vaginal scan, depending on your preference.
  • Compact and lightweight, ideal for screening and operation at the bedside.
  • Wireless makes it simple to address the probe’s sterilizing problem by utilizing a disposable protective coating.

 What makes it better than a conventional ultrasound machine?

The portable ultrasound machine has first helped in rapid diagnosis and vascular access guidance capabilities.

  • Assist the medical staff in increasing their productivity and lowering their workload and stress levels.
  • Boost patient trust in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Reduce errors in diagnosis and treatment, side effects, medical mishaps, and litigation.

Easy To Operate:

  • Even if you are not an expert in ultrasonography, you can still accomplish it.
  • Begin imaging as soon as the portable ultrasound machine and microVue App are turned on.
  • Select from defaults powered by AI for quick tweaks to achieve a decent shot. Scanning through a portable scanner is similar to using a camera on your android or iPhone.
  • Swipe up and down to modify level, move right and left to modify yield, and much more.


We reduce the size and weight of the primary system to a tiny circuit board integrated into the probe, which displays the picture on an android or iPad via wifi (internal wifi from the sensor; no external wifi signal is required) or USB transmission. Due to this feature, portable ultrasound machines have become more accessible and more effective.

During any medical evaluation, this tool delivers visual photos.


  • Minimize medical errors that occur due to cross-infection and prevent both you and the patients.
  • Charging Wirelessly.
  • It can be used conveniently.
  • It is easily changeable with a power bank and does not require wires.

Free software:

  • Software is free for its entire lifespan.
  • Users indefinitely.
  • There are applications for iPhones, smartphones, and Pcs.
  • Ultrasound can be performed on a tablet, iPhone, or another device

 Cost Efficiency:

  • A portable ultrasound machine is the king of cost-efficiency.
  • Highly affordable.
  • It included 2 probes and is a whole-body scanner.
  • Easily transportable anywhere as it is small in size and can be put in a pocket.

Additional Features:

  • Following your design specifications, you can embed an ultrasonic module into your clinical system.
  • To help with your additional activity portable scanner.
  • Supporting further development for you. 

A smart tool:

  • Tiny is convenient to carry or scan and put in a pocket.
  • Ideal for scanning a baby at home. It is an excellent present for pregnant people, secure for domestic use.

Final Thoughts:

A portable ultrasound machine is a small, light-weighted tool that is easy to carry, hold and operate. It has two probes that are useful for superficial scanning and vaginal scanning. It is a handy device for scanning at home with a high-quality image and is available at an affordable cost.



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