Customer Support at FlipKey

Customer Support at FlipKey

While many users will be pleased to contact FlipKey by email today, some travelers and hosts still prefer to contact FlipKey customer support via phone. Please continue reading to learn more about FlipKey, its phone number, and other critical customer service contact information for listing properties.

FlipKey Contact Information

Contacting FlipKey by phone is simple if you understand how – yet their phone number is not available online. Rather than being included in the “Contact” section, visitors may locate the phone number beneath the website’s “Sign in” area.

When you select ‘List Your Property,’ you will see a ‘Call us’ button among all other alternatives. This button will supply you with FlipKey’s phone number: 1-877-354-7539.


Bear in mind that the FlipKey hotline does not operate on a 24-hour basis, so it is not feasible to call on weekends. Suppose consumers want help outside of business hours. In that case, there are other methods to contact FlipKey customer support, or you can discover solutions to some of the most frequently asked issues online.

How Can We Assist You with Customer Service?

When you click on Customer Support, the inquiry “How may we assist you?” will appear. Owner inquiry in the provided F.A.Q. Menu, you may use the search field to enter some of the terms from your question.

Help Center for FlipKey

On the FlipKey website, both the Traveler Help Center and the Owner Help Center are the most dependable resources for the bulk of inquiries. These assistance centers often include the answers to a broad range of concerns and can frequently resolve all questions. It eliminates the need to contact the FlipKey phone number by providing solutions to the most commonly asked queries about advertising rental homes on the marketplace.

Let’s look at some of the most often asked questions from visitors who use the FlipKey platform.

Confirmation of Reservation

A traveler’s booking request on the FlipKey website is not finalized until the rental manager or homeowner accepts or declines the offer. FlipKey recommends that visitors postpone all travel arrangements (such as flights, etc.) until the host receives the booking request. Consult FlipKey’s booking request Help Center for further guidance on this subject.

Cancellation of Reservation

There are several reasons for canceling a booking. Therefore, it is prudent to review the FlipKey host’s cancellation policy before altering a booking. The Help Center can provide further information about booking cancellations.

Details on Check-In and Arrival

After confirming a booking, customers may see all information by entering their booking I.D. in the “Manage your vacation booking” area. This will provide information regarding the arrival date, check-in time, and so forth. For further information, passengers may consult the Help Center’s arrival and check-in F.A.Q.s.

Reservations in disaster-affected Areas

If a natural catastrophe strikes the holiday spot, such as a hurricane, vacationers should immediately call the host for further information. Additionally, the FlipKey Help Center gives additional information on booking in hurricane-affected locations.

Incapacity to Communicate with the Owner

Travelers who are experiencing difficulty contacting the property owner before or during their stay may contact Flipkey by phone or email. The Help Center may provide further assistance if you are having difficulty reaching the owner, such as examining each review to see whether this has occurred to other guests in the past.

Return of Funds

If a homeowner declines a booking request, this also indicates that they have not collected payment from the visitor. The bank retains the cash paid when the request is submitted until the host approves the booking—refused bookings and refunds.

Particulars of the Property

 A home they will be staying at or getting a sense of what their holiday will be like, they may check out the published Flipkey reviews for that property. Additionally, travelers may contact the owner if required. For further information, please see the section on property.

View and Manage Reservations

If you are encountering difficulties, please utilize the “Manage your Vacation Bookings” function. This will request your booking I.D. and email address to give you all the required information about the reservation and the property’s owner. After the Help Center, if the traveler cannot contact FlipKey by phone or email.

Occasionally, contacting the property’s owner using the listings option on the property may also work for tourists who want to book or have a query about the property’s reviews, for example. Generally, owners can handle the bulk of visitor inquiries, particularly those concerning reservations, refunds, and cancellations.

To learn more about viewing and arranging reservations, visit the FlipKey Help Center.

Payment Concerns

Payments are made only once the host accepts a visitor to stay at their home. The Help Center has more information regarding scheduling payments.

Payment Protection by TripAdvisor

Provides, paying for holiday rentals has become more straightforward and more pleasant.

Utilizing the FlipKey Dashboard for Assistance

Whether you’re a tourist or a property owner, the dashboard provides access to advanced assistance options. Although this is not always essential, most of the time, the assistance centers are sufficient for resolving all types of issues.

However, if you want more assistance with a query, you may contact the support option on FlipKey’s dashboard. Additionally, this is one of the complete options available for handling inquiries or conducting a review.

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