Bitcoin at online casinos: reasons to use cryptocurrency

Bitcoin at online casinos: reasons to use cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are now coming to all businesses, and Bitcoin is at the head of this invasion. It helps to keep money transactions anonymous that might be useful in many fields, including online gambling. More and more casino sites start accepting Bitcoin as one of the payment methods to satisfy the needs of existing clients and to attract new ones. We got in touch with the team of gambling experts from Exycasinos to find out what are the reasons for many punters to prefer Bitcoin online casinos.


  1. Overview of Bitcoin Casino

In the beginning, online casinos were dealing with bank cards only. With the growing popularity of PayPal, a few clubs dared to give their members a choice of using it as an alternative to bank transfers. And that’s where it all has started. More and more e-wallets were appearing and coming to the industry. Nowadays, gamblers have dozens of options to deposit their casino accounts: PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and so on. But none of them keeps transactions anonymous and safe with สล็อตเว็บตรง the use of blockchain technology. None but Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming a traditional banking option at almost every online gambling platform. Moreover, there are some online casinos that accept only Bitcoin and no other payment providers. Let’s take a closer look at the list of features that Bitcoin gamblers can benefit from.

  • Reasons to stick to Bitcoin when gambling online

Here we go:

  • As it was already mentioned Bitcoin gambling is absolutely anonymous. It’s a major reason for people who appreciate privacy.
  • The second thing that makes Bitcoin a perfect currency to deposit and withdraw at online casinos is its safety. Blockchain is a technology that records every single transaction in the public list and makes it impossible to fake it.
  • Dealing with Bitcoin seems a hard task for newbies, but the only thing you need is to get used to it, and you will find out that Bitcoin payments are the easiest and the fastest ones. 
  • Low or zero transaction fees. Even though competitors e-wallets offer small transaction fees too, if you put them together, you will get a big amount of money that could have been saved if gambling with Bitcoin. 
  • Bitcoin is a decentralized system, and there is no government or organization to control it. So, there are no limitations in terms of the number of transactions a day. You can even perform a hundred of them in 24 hours – no one says a word.
  • And the most interesting – the price of cryptocurrency is growing day by day. You might double your winnings when withdrawing with Bitcoin in a long-term perspective.
  1. Does Bitcoin gambling break the law?

Well, it depends. Some countries ban hosting casinos both online and offline on their territories. But it’s not a big deal for gambling sites to be hosted offshore. There is another point that Bitcoin transactions are considered illegal in some jurisdictions, but anyway, those transactions are hard to track, and governments do have not so many leverages over them.

  1. Is Bitcoin gambling worth it?

Are you wondering should you deposit and withdraw at online casinos with Bitcoin? It has way more solid advantages than drawbacks, so the answer is yes. You get fast, safe and easy transactions at almost zero price. Why should you give it a miss?

  1. Bottom line

There are tons of gambling platforms accepting Bitcoin on the network. If you still feel unconfident about it, the best way to relieve it is to try it out by yourself with a smaller sum. Let no one make decisions for you and never do anything you don’t feel comfortable about.


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