BHC Full Form – What is BHC Full Form?

The BHC Full Form is “Bank Holding Company“, “Behavioral Health Care“, “Broken Hearts Club” and “Bladder Health Council“. Also, BHC has many Full Forms there listed below.

Mainly BHC stands for “Bladder Health Council“, “Border Health Commission“, “Boy Hits Car” and “Brake Holding Capacity“. Now we listed various types of BHC Full Form on the below table.

All BHC Full Form in hindi Meaning

Bank Holding Company
बैंक होल्डिंग कंपनी
Behavioral Health Care
व्यवहार स्वास्थ्य देखभाल
Broken Hearts Club
टूटा हुआ दिल क्लब
Bladder Health Council
मूत्राशय स्वास्थ्य परिषद
Bladder Health Council
मूत्राशय स्वास्थ्य परिषद
Border Health Commission
सीमा स्वास्थ्य आयोग
Boy Hits Car
लड़का कार चलाता है
Brake Holding Capacity
ब्रेक होल्डिंग क्षमता
Business History Conference
व्यापार इतिहास सम्मेलन
Boston Harbor Cruises
बोस्टन हार्बर क्रूज़
Brooklyn Hospital Center
ब्रुकलिन अस्पताल केंद्र
Botswana Housing Cooperation
बोत्सवाना हाउसिंग कोऑपरेशन
Brake Holding Capacity
ब्रेक होल्डिंग क्षमता
Besançon Hockey Club
बेसनकॉन हॉकी क्लब
Burst Height Compensator
बर्स्ट हाइट कम्पेंसेटर
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In the above table, We learn many Full Form of BHC in English and Hindi, Now discuss some quetions which asked frequently on the Internet.

Q1 – What is the Full Form of BHC in Hindi?

The Full Form BHC in Hindi is “Border Health Commission” = “सीमा स्वास्थ्य आयोग” and “Burst Height Compensator” = “बर्स्ट हाइट कम्पेंसेटर“.

Q2 – Which Full Form of BHC used in Business?

In Business used Full Form of BHC is “Bank Holding Company” and “Building Healthy Communities“.

Q3 – What is the Full Form of BHC?

BHC full form

The BHC Full Form is “Bank Holding Company“, “Behavioral Health Care“, “Broken Hearts Club” and “Bladder Health Council”.

Q4 – Which Full Form of BHC used in Medical?

Mainly BHC stands for “Behavioral Health Care“, “Baptist Health Care” and “Bladder Health Council” used in Medical?


We have concluded that there are many Full Forms of BHC and we found mainly Mainly BHC stands for “Bank Holding Company”, “Behavioral Health Care”, “Broken Hearts Club” and “Bladder Health Council”.

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