Best Tools to Rotate PDF

Best Tools to Rotate PDF


If one wants to rotate a page or the contents of a PDF file, the manual procedure of rotating a PDF file is quite complicated. Moreover, it is not possible to manually update the contents in PDF format. Hence, it is best to use a software tool to rotate PDF files that will make the job much simpler. Now, many tools are available for rotating PDF files, which can be used online instead of downloading the software. However, the following tools are the best for this purpose, which users find very convenient to rotate their PDF files. The most popular software used for rotating a PDF file is, which also has many other useful functions related to the PDF format. The versatility of this tool is helpful to people who use PDF files a lot for professional reasons. This is the best software that allows users to rotate PDF for free, without paying for downloading the required tool.  It rotates a PDF file instantly, saving the time for users. Only a PDF file needs to be uploaded online on the website of and the rotated file can be downloaded within a few seconds, without any change in its quality. Thus, anyone can use it even without any technical knowledge, just by following the given online instructions.


Smallpdf – This software is mainly meant for editing PDF files, which includes the function of rotating the file pages or contents. Users can rotate their PDF files by 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or 270 degrees, as per their requirements. People can rotate these files in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction, without any error in the look of file contents. It is a reliable site with a simple interface that can be used easily by anyone, to rotate their PDF files and other editing functions. People can encrypt and decrypt PDF files with the help of this software.


PDFsam – This software tool is completely trustworthy for PDF management. Thus, it has many functions regarding the changes that can be made in a PDF file, including the rotation of the file pages. It can edit PDF files written in more than 20 languages, making it quite popular all over the world. Hence, it is better to check whether the language of a PDF file is compatible with this software, mainly if it is not written in English. It works very quickly and thus, users can rotate PDF online without any difficulty. 


PDF Rotator, PDFelement Pro, and Bluebeam Vu are other PDF rotating tools that can be used online for free, just by following the given instructions on their websites.



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