Best Irish Casino Games

When it comes to epic Irish casino games, there truly is too much selection to choose from! They’re all pretty good with their quirky Irish themes, but we don’t just want good – we want the best! Luckily for you, we have done our research and have brought you a list of our top three favourite Irish free spins no deposit casino games to play.

If you’re interested, read on to find out more – we’re going to be taking a look at:


          Leprechaun Goes to Hell

          St. Patrick’s Day casino games


Rainbrew is an epic slot machine game designed by one of our favourite developers Microgaming. It is a classic 5 by 3 slot machine game with a variable volatility feature (243 to 1,125 paylines!) It’s a great slot with tons of epic bonus features, but one of our favourite things about it is the unique Irish theme. It’s not just about your classic lucky charms and rainbows. This game features unique Irish symbols including:

          Smoking pipes

          Tankards of Guinness

          Male AND female leprechauns!

It’s a classic game – you really cannot go wrong with Microgaming but they’ve done it again with Rainbrew. We particularly love the gender-neutral leprechauns – now that is what we like to see!

Leprechaun Goes to Hell

Many Irish casino games use Leprechauns as in-game characters, and Leprechaun Goes to Hell is a great example of this! The game is produced by another one of our favourite slot developers Play ‘N Go, featuring the classic 3 by 5 slot grid with 25 paylines making it simple, low volatility and fun. One of our favourite features about this spooky game is how the Leprechaun wild symbols increase the temperature of Hell! Once the temperature reaches its maximum, you can trigger the highest progressive jackpot in the game! It’s a really unique gaming mechanism, something that Play ‘N Go have always stood out for! A true Irish classic with a twist.

St. Patrick’s Day Festive Games

This last choice of ours isn’t exactly a game in itself, and in fact it is nothing to do with slot games but casino games in general! Every year in Ireland we have the wonderful occasion of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, and as you will probably know these festivities rub off on just about everything! From green Guinness to Irish music being played in the streets, you cannot go anywhere without seeing St. Patricks Day festivities, and that includes online casinos! You can expect to see Irish themed Roulette, Poker, Craps – everything! Gambling is massively popular in Ireland and the casino game websites know this, so every year they ensure that peoples favourite casino games have an Irish twist on the 17th of March!


Overall, we hope we have helped you choose some epic Irish themed casino games for your next St. Patrick’s Day! There are just about always some amazing Irish slot machine games available on the main page of any slot website, but don’t forget to check out the Irish themed table games when the 17th of March comes around – truly amazing stuff!

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