A Buyer’s Guide To Sports Glasses

For whatever purpose you play sports – whether as a professional or just for fun – your safety is very important. Safety gear is essential in ensuring a safe sporting experience. It comprises a set of equipment assigned for different parts of the body and might vary according to the nature of the sport. 

When it comes to the sensitive eyes, protection is provided by sports glasses that are of various types. Apart from providing safety to our eyes, sports glasses also provide perfect vision and prevent external elements from entering our eyes.

Recently, I added a pair of cycling goggles to my cycling gear and realised that I should have done it much earlier. I must say that my pair of cycling goggles has enriched my cycling experience considerably. 

If you too are looking to buy sports glasses, here is a buyer’s guide that will be of great help. Read on!


Sports Glasses: Why?

Are you fed up with the glare that you encounter while pedalling your way through your cycling trails on a bright sunny morning? We understand that it hinders your vision.

Do you feel uncomfortable when sweat drips onto your eyes during a marathon run? The carbs loading that you might have done on a day before the run was to derive energy to be utilised only for your running, and not for wiping off that sweat. 

Do your swimming goggles fail to complement your efforts fittingly, as they allow water to seep through?

I can go on and list down the innumerable issues that you might be facing just because you don’t use a pair of sports glasses or even if you use one, they might not be an ideal pair for your sport. But that’s not why I am here. I am here to guide you on what are the things that you need to consider to buy a perfect pair of sports glasses. If you wish to enhance both performance and safety, sports glasses will be of great help. Here is how you can get an ideal pair!

What to consider before buying sports glasses

  • Material

For any type of glasses that you buy, the material of both frames and lenses play a big role. When it comes to arriving at the right pair of sports glasses, materials with high strength, high impact-resistance, and good flexibility are what you should look for.

While considering the material for the lenses, polycarbonate that is tough and has high impact-resistance is a suitable option. For the frames, TR90 fits in perfectly with the dynamic nature of sports.

  • The Sport

Well, the kind of sports glasses that you choose will also depend on the sport that you play. For those who require eyesight correction, sports prescription goggles should be your go-to type.

Cyclists would need pairs with anti-glare coating so that they can get a clear view of the obstacles that lie ahead. Remember Chris Froome’s cycling glasses in Tour de France 2017 – the one which he wore on his way to victory? Why not get something like those? You will certainly find them online. For those who require eyesight correction, sports prescription goggles should be your go-to type.

Sports glasses are a must for cricketers, especially when they are fielding. ‘Catches win you matches’ and no cricketer would want to be put in a situation where a catch is dropped just because of poor vision. So a pair of sports glasses with polarised lenses are ideal in such a situation. You can also use those types of pairs for other ball games such as hockey and tennis.

Similarly, in sports like Archery and Shooting that demand a precise vision, sports glasses providing clear visibility and full peripheral coverage are needed.

  • Fit

One can not make the most out of their sports glasses if the fit is not on point. Almost all sports require that you make dynamic movements and in such cases, your sports glasses need to fit properly so that they don’t cause any trouble to the sportsperson. This is where sports glasses frames that are flexible become very effective as they naturally adjust to the wearer’s face shapes. 


  • Tint of Lens

When it comes to the tints of sports glasses, there is a broad variety of tints such as red, brown, grey, yellow, etc. For example, since red tints block blue light, they can be used while performing under blue skies. Similarly, brown tints can be used for higher contrast, especially when you need a sharper view of the object.

Sports glasses not only add extra thrill to your sporting experience but also uplifts your performance and serves as a protective gear for your eyes. It is high time that you add a pair to your sports gear.


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