7 things to know before becoming a architecture student

Architecture is neither a science nor an art-based profession. It requires theoretical understanding and the practical application of particular principles. It is a profession for the most hardworking, creative, and outgoing individuals. 

Architecture involves creating the best designs, creating a functional space, and reducing the cost of such infrastructure. You have to work long hours to deliver the best designs. You must also incorporate ideas from your clients and guide them to adhere to laid architectural principles. Here are 7 things you need to know before joining architecture school. 

  • Architecture is more than drawing 

Architectural studies involve a lot of theory work. You study the environment, concepts in engineering, nature, and history, among other aspects that have defined architecture. Research paper writing service online will help you to handle these tough topics and their exams. You can focus on drawing the most magnificent buildings instead of wasting your time on theory work. 

Theory work helps you to understand concepts like engineering and how the built environment interacts with nature. You will spend hours writing essays and studying for exams. Getting homework help to reduce your workload and leave more room to relax. 

  • You need to be creative

Architecture requires a lot of creativity to build the next generation of houses. It is the architects who define the skylines in cities. The beauty of a building can determine its occupancy rate and return on investment. An architect must, therefore, exercise his creativity to produce the best designs. 

Creativity comes from exposure to beautiful designs when you travel as well as believing in your ideas. You must also work with experienced architects to know the ideas that can be actualized. While you apply creativity, you must be conscious of what the client wants and the functionality of a structure. 

  • Creativity has a limit

Architectural designs capture attention through creativity but you have functionality and budget to consider. Do not overdo your designs such that they become too expensive or dysfunctional. Too much creativity could make your structure bizarre and expensive for the developer. 

  • It is about the client 

You have your ideas on structures but the client has the final say. He is the financier and should, therefore, have his way. Your role is to help the client to achieve his goals at the lowest cost and with the biggest impact. 

  • Nature has its rules

Obey the rules of nature. Respect slopes and drainage. Your designs should also consider natural lighting to reduce the cost of such critical infrastructure. It makes a room habitable in all seasons. It also reduces the long-term cost of running such infrastructure. 

  • Your work is to make things possible

Clients come with the craziest ideas. They also want to achieve big goals yet have miniature budgets. Your role is to design structures that will enable the clients to achieve their dreams without breaking architectural principles. It is your creativity that will define the success of the project. 

  • The smallest project could define your career 

Do not ignore the small projects that come your way. Not every major project will be a hit. Some of them count as eyesores or fail to capture the attention of real estate clients. However, a few floors could change your architecture career forever. Give your best to every project. The results will determine your profile and attractiveness when other projects come up. 

Architecture remains one of the most lucrative careers going into the future. Before you enter architectural school, understand what it will take to work in the industry. Every project will require you to balance nature, budget, creativity, and architectural principles that have defined the industry for years.


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