5 things to check before buying health insurance online

In today’s digital age, buying health insurance online has become incredibly convenient and efficient. With just a few clicks, you can compare different policies, choose the one that suits your needs, and secure your health and financial well-being. Among the many health insurance providers, Chola Health Insurance stands out as a reliable option. However, before you proceed with purchasing health insurance online, there are essential factors you must consider to ensure you make the right decision for your healthcare needs and financial security. 

The five crucial things to check before you buy health insurance online are:

  • Coverage and Benefits

The first thing you should examine is the coverage and benefits offered by the health insurance plan. Check if the policy covers hospitalization expenses, ambulance charges, pre and post-hospitalization care, critical illnesses, and other medical treatments you may need. Evaluate the sum assured and whether it meets your requirements. Additionally, consider any add-on covers or riders that can enhance the coverage for specific medical conditions or situations.

Chola Health Insurance provides a wide range of coverage options, including comprehensive plans that cover hospitalization expenses, day-care procedures, and more. Our policies also come with add-on benefits like critical illness cover, maternity cover, and personal accident cover.

  • Network Hospitals

Before you buy health insurance online, ensure that the provider has a vast network of hospitals and healthcare providers. Having a substantial network will give you the flexibility to seek treatment at various reputed hospitals, ensuring quality medical care when you need it the most. Check if your preferred hospitals are part of the insurer’s network to avoid any inconvenience during emergencies.

Chola MS Health Insurance has access to 11000+Cashless Network hospitals across the country. Their tie-ups with reputable healthcare providers ensure that you have access to quality medical facilities wherever you are.

  • Premiums and Affordability

When you buy health insurance online, carefully analyze the premium amount you need to pay. Compare the premium costs of different policies and evaluate them against the coverage offered. It is crucial to strike a balance between affordability and adequate coverage to ensure you can sustain the policy in the long run without financial strain.

Chola Health Insurance offers a range of health insurance plans with varying premiums, allowing you to choose the one that fits your budget and requirements without compromising on the quality of coverage. And to make things extremely convenient, there is always an option to  buy health insurance online to give you more access to educational information and with ease of online purchase and digital access. 

  • Waiting Periods and Exclusions

Understanding the waiting periods and exclusions of the health insurance policy is vital. Waiting periods refer to the duration during which certain specific conditions may not be covered. Exclusions are medical conditions or treatments that the policy does not cover. Be aware of these aspects to avoid any surprises when you file a claim.

Chola Health Insurance has clear and transparent policies regarding waiting periods and exclusions, ensuring you know precisely what is covered and what is not from the beginning.

  • Customer Reviews and Claim Settlement Ratio

Before finalizing your health insurance purchase, research the insurer’s customer reviews and claim settlement ratio. Customer reviews will provide insights into the company’s customer service, grievance resolution, and overall satisfaction levels. Additionally, a high claim settlement ratio indicates the insurer’s efficiency in processing and settling claims promptly.

Chola MS Health Insurance has received positive reviews for its excellent customer service and high claim settlement ratio, providing customers with the assurance of reliable and hassle-free claim processing.


Buying health insurance online can be a seamless process if you pay attention to these five critical factors. By thoroughly assessing the coverage, network, premiums, waiting periods, and customer reviews, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your healthcare needs and financial capabilities. With Chola MS Health Insurance, you have a trustworthy partner in safeguarding your health and well-being, ensuring a secure and healthy future for you and your loved ones.


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