5 Common Causes of Car Accidents in Phoenix

Though thousands of car accidents occur around the country every day, witnessing one for yourself is terrifying, especially when casualties are involved. And, with over 36,000 injuriesreported as a result of accidents in Arizona in 2022, these serious situations are all too common. Many car accidents, however, are avoidable. To stay safe on the road, it’s critical to understand the leading causes of accidents and how to avoid them. This article will look at the five common causes of car accidents in Phoenix. Understanding the major causes of deadly accidents may save your life in the event of a vehicle accident.

1. Phoenix Weather

Even though Phoenix has a hot and dry climate, this is not necessarily beneficial to automobiles. Because there is no snow or ice in Arizona, people believe it is a safer place. However, the arid climate poses particular dangers. Cars do not perform well in severe temperatures. Engines may struggle to operate at full capacity and may overheat.Furthermore, tires can degrade at high temperatures. This increases the likelihood of a blowout for drivers. When drivers experience a sudden tire failure, they frequently lose control of their vehicles, potentially colliding with other cars.

Additionally, although it does not rain much in Phoenix, precipitation can be dangerous. In Arizona, rain can fall swiftly. Any amount of moisture can make parched roadways slick; this makes roads slippery, making it challenging to brake and causing collisions. These are just a few reasons for automobile accidents in Phoenix. It is best to contact Phoenix car accident attorneys in such cases to recover the losses you have sustained due to the accident.

2. Road Rage

The state of Arizona also has a significant road rage issue. The issue has only worsened recently, as drivers have become significantly more aggressive behind the wheel. These drivers will be out of control, driving dangerously, and endangering other motorists. Significantly, there have been multiple incidents of road rage shootings in the Phoenix area. A motorist does not have to use violence to cause harm to another person.

Additionally, some drivers may tailgate or drive erratically to get the last word in a traffic conflict. Tailgating can cause rear-end collisions. It can also harm other nearby drivers and passengers who didn’t have anything to do with the first occurrence (tailgating or driving erratically).

3. Distracted Driving

Many people blame the surge in vehicle accident fatalities on smartphones. This is a crucial source of road risk. Drivers may miss stop signs or deviate out of their lane because they are looking down at their phones rather than focusing on the road. This increases the likelihood of a collision and makes vehicle accidents significantly deadlier.

Notably, cell phones are only one source of distraction when driving. People undertake mundane tasks while driving rather than maintaining their hands on the wheel and attention on the road. This includes activities such as eating and applying makeup.

4. Speeding

The majority of deadly incidents are caused by people driving too fast. If we had the opportunity, most of us would drive as fast as we wished. However, when we share the road with other vehicles, we will always be behind one of them. Significantly, the likelihood of an accident and the severity of injuries in an accident rise as speed increases.

The greater the speed, the greater the risk. A fast car requires extra space to stop, referred to as “braking distance.” Due to the law of concept, a slower car stops instantly, whereas a quicker car takes a long time to stop and skids a great distance. When a crash occurs, a fast-moving vehicle has a more significant impact and causes more injuries. Driving faster also makes it more challenging to forecast what will happen next, leading to poor decisions and, in the worst-case scenario, a crash.

5. A Lot of Heavy Trucks

Phoenix is in the center of the pack regarding truck traffic. Trucks go through Arizona from the Mexican border to the rest of the US. Truck traffic in Phoenix has been consistent and has only worsened in recent months. Because more people purchase online these days, there are far more trucks on the road than there used to be.

Walmart and Amazon have erected massive new facilities in Arizona, increasing truck traffic. Casa Grande is one of the world’s largest Walmart distribution centers, roughly an hour south of Phoenix. If it appears that Walmart trucks are always around, you are correct. Many of these trucks pass through Phoenix, taking up road space and making drivers cautious. Also, truck drivers frequently can’t see out of their blind zones, but that doesn’t stop them from driving faster to make up time and going further before stopping to rest. This may increase the number of accidents that may occur within the blind zone.


Using these guidelines will reduce the chances of accidents in Phoenix, even if you can’t prevent them 100%. The legal process can take several years before you receive your settlement check. This is why you should contact a Phoenix automobile accident lawyer as soon as possible following an accident. You are much more likely to receive total compensation if you have the help of an experienced attorney

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