5 Back To College Essentials For Boys To Stand Out in The Crowd

Going back to college is an exciting experience for college guys. You get to meet your buddies, hang out with them at your favourite spots and have a good time. On your first day back at the college, you want to stand out in the crowd and make a lasting impression. There’s a common myth that college students don’t pay much attention to their outfits and fashion accessories, but it isn’t true. Many guys spend hours getting ready for college and confidently carry their style wherever they go. With a bit of guidance, you can also know your style, choose the right outfits and accessories and create your own identity. 


Before you go on a long, expensive shopping spree, take a breath. You don’t have to spend thousands on clothes and accessories to look good and confident. If you know your style and make some basic changes in your styling wardrobe, you are good to go. It can start with your shoes. No matter how comfy your flip-flops are, they may not be suitable footwear for college. Some brands produce stylish and trendy shoes for men and youngsters that are perfect to wear on campuses. Therefore you must invest more time in planning your wardrobe for college. Don’t worry; you don’t need a fashion stylist for that. There are some fashion essentials you can add to your wardrobe which will give you everything you create your unique style and carry it with confidence.  




Your shoes are the first thing people notice when you enter a room. After all, they are an essential part of your outfit. Shoes can make or break your outfit. It’s good to take some time to choose the right shoes. Attending classes and taking those random strolls to the canteen on your break, you are always on your feet. During your time on campus, you come across many people, like your friends, seniors, teachers and your crush too. You don’t want your shoes to ruin your impressions. You need shoes that would compliment your personality and help you express your style without much effort. 


Sneakers are the most popular footwear styles among youngsters and college-goers. They are effortlessly stylish, trendy and comfortable to wear all day long. Popular brands design unique styles of shoes for men and youngsters that would instantly boost their style quotient. And you get to relish that attention in your group of friends and on campus without any effort. 


Well-fitted Jeans 


Jeans are staple clothing items for college students. They are low maintenance and can be styled with a long range of outfits. You can pair them with a t-shirt or a button-up shirt and get ready for the day. If you don’t know already, you don’t have to wash your jeans daily. If you air them out regularly after wearing them, you can use them for weeks without washing them. Though they are low maintenance, don’t wait for them to stink until you wash them.  


A bunch of well-fitted jeans in some prime colours are an excellent addition to the wardrobe. Colours black, dark, grey, and dark indigo are some popular and stylish colours for your jeans. Instead of sticking to the regular blue denim, experiment with different colours and see which colours complement your style and appearance. It is also important to pair the right jeans with the right shirt or t-shirt. Printed t-shirts can give you that casual, laid-back look if you pair them with the right pair of jeans.  


Pullover Hoodies 


Hoodies are the go-to apparel for college students. They are cosy and stylish and offer various styles and designs. Their versatility makes them popular among college students. Though pullover hoodies are a great clothing choice for your wardrobe, sticking to subtle colours that are not tacky yet will easily give you a distinct look.  

You can pair them with denim or chinos with colours like khaki, olive green, navy blue or grey to achieve that subtle, casual look without looking like a hobo. Have 2-3 pullover hoodies in different designs in your wardrobe so you can shuffle between them based on your mood for the day. If you plan to wear a hoodie in winter, you can layer up with a jacket to achieve a more stylish look while staying warm throughout the day. 




Not many college-goers are fans of backpacks. Backpacks might seem boring, but only when you choose the wrong one. Those days are gone when students use backpacks for carrying books. Today’s students like to carry their gadgets and many other things in their backpacks. Modern backpacks are designed especially for tech-savvy and stylish college students. These backpacks have various features to protect gadgets like laptops, smartphones, headphones, power bricks, and many more. They also have secret compartments to store your emergency cash.  


Besides being just a bag to carry your books and gadgets, backpacks can significantly elevate your college look. If your outfit is on point, your backpack must match that energy. Make sure you choose a colour, design and pattern that complements your style and personality. While doing all this, don’t compromise on comfort. The backpack must have padding, breathable fabric, cushioning and comfortable straps to easily lift the backpack for hours. You don’t want to hurt your shoulders and back as you carry the backpack around your campus.   



Last but not least is sunglasses. Sunglasses are a great fashion accessory that college-goers must have. Sunglasses are not only a fashion accessory, but they protect your eyes from dust, sunlight, rain and whatnot. Sunglasses come in various style options such as wayfarers, aviators, club sunglasses and many more. It’s a good idea to consider your face shape before buying sunglasses. That way, it will complement your face shape, and you can wear them more confidently. 


These accessories deserve a place in your wardrobe as they can easily elevate your style and create a long-lasting impression on your peers. Don’t let your choice take a back seat; know which colours and styles you like, and don’t be scared to try new things. Whether it’s shoes or jeans, they have a unique way of looking at things that will help you visualise your look before you invest your money into them.  

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