21 Blackjack: The Game Through Film

More and more people choose casinos in order to give free rein to their emotions, to feel the drive and excitement. You can get an unforgettable experience from an online casino anywhere and anytime – it’s so convenient to sit down at a computer or with a smartphone in your hands and feel the atmosphere of Las Vegas without leaving your home.

On the Internet, you can find a huge number of different online casinos with cool offers and game options for every taste. All you have to do is choose a reliable online casino like Roku Bet and start playing.

Modern types of gambling are presented in a wide variety of variations, forms and types. They may differ in complexity, availability and degree of risk. The result of some depends solely on luck, and there are others where the result is influenced by personal skills.

Throughout the existence of online entertainment, Blackjack has been consistently popular among all games worldwide. As is often the case with most casino games, their origins are still unclear, although historians agree that they all originated in the courts of the Kingdoms during the 17th century. In any case, the first written reference to 21 is Miguel de Cervantes’ picaresque work Rinconete y Cortadillo, which belongs to a series of written novels known as the Exemplary Novels (1613). In this story, two characters amuse themselves in a game known as 21, which consists of adding 21 points without going over, it is also described that the value of the ace of spades can add 1 or 11.

Popularization of Blackjack

The popularization of the card game in Europe, especially in French casinos, led to its landing in the United States around the year 1800. At its beginning, the game did not achieve the acceptance expected by North American gaming rooms, so they decided make it more attractive to players by giving additional bonuses. When a player’s starting cards were an ace of spades or a jack, clovers or pikes, a special bonus was given. Thus, the Americans named the new game Blackjack.

From reality to cinema…

Cinema has always brought viewers closer to the world of gambling and casinos, whether with a more or less reliable portrayal of reality. 21: Blackjack is a true masterpiece dedicated to the popular card game. Directed by Australian Robert Luketic (‘A Very Nice Blonde’, ‘Mother of the Groom’, ‘Killers’), the film is based on the book “Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of the Six MIT Students Who Brought Vegas to Millions“ , by American writer Ben Mezrich. A true story where a group of students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), led by a mathematics professor, created the so-called MIT Blackjack Team. A team that put its mathematical skills into practice at the tables of the main casinos in Las Vegas.

21 Blackjack: The film 21 Blackjack has a colorful and fun story, with a lot of suspense that unfortunately lost some power in the transition from book to film. Kevin Spacey is the math teacher who encourages them in their practices; Jim Sturgess – the charming protagonist of Through the Universe – is convincing in his role as the reluctant member of the group and Kate Bosworth is a little wasted as the tempting teammate. 21: it’s not a bad film, on the contrary, it’s well done and highlights its good taste. And let’s face it, we all love the fantasies of becoming millionaires overnight.

There are many other good films about the world of gambling, not only about blackjack, but also about poker, roulette, etc. Such films are mesmerizing, because they have what we lack in ordinary life: risk, excitement and drive.

The casino is the embodiment of the dream of incredible winnings, strategic calculations, excitement and adrenaline that attract players to the green tables and slot machines again and again. Movies about the world of gambling, where bets and chance play the main role, are made in different genres – from detective comedy to intense action. All you have to do is find a genre you like and enjoy a movie night.

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