Trendiest styling hacks for your dressing unit

Trendiest styling hacks for your dressing unit


Haven’t we all spent hours at the dressing table trying to pamper ourselves and have a quality me-time? Often, you might have noticed that your dressing table is not fascinating enough to make you feel like a star. Apart from being comfortable, a good dressing table needs to be aesthetically appealing so that you enjoy the amount of time you spend getting ready at that table. If you are thinking that spending too much on changing your dressing table is not your cup of tea but still desire that your vanity looks classy then you have landed in the right place.


Here are easy hacks that can make your dressing table look stunning without requiring much investment on it. 


Get Organized- An organized dressing unit automatically looks elegant. This will ensure that the area occupying your dressing unit looks clean and stylish. Ensure that your dressing table has enough storage so that you can have different sections for different types of products. If you do not have enough drawers and cabinets, you can buy plastic drawers dividers to make sure that your things do not get tangled up and make your dressing unit seem messy. 


Add mirrors- Adding mirrors to your vanity is the best way to enhance its appearance. You should consider adding mirrors that suit your dressing table design. A classy mirror is the main element that makes any dressing table look aesthetically pleasing. You can choose from an enormous variety of mirrors that are available like round mirrors, wooden framed mirrors, etc. Make sure to choose a mirror that captures you fully so that you do not waste time finding the right angle to get ready. 


Lighting- Don’t we all yearn for the golden hour to get some skin-glowing selfies? Imagine being able to do that all the time! You can achieve this by installing the right lights on your dressing unit. With the right kind of artificial lighting installed, you do not have to find natural light for doing flawless makeup. To further enhance its beauty, you can also keep fabric shade lamps or other decorative lights that will spruce up your dressing table making it look classy and glamorous.


Use pampas grass One of the easiest ways to make your dressing table look beautiful is by adding pampas grass to it. This grass is a great option to elevate the aesthetics of your vanity. You can add this to a designer pot and keep it beside your dressing table to create a chic and aesthetic look. Added to that this dried glass will serve as a perfect background for your mirror selfies and Instagram reels. Pampas grass is available in various varieties that are beautiful and perfect for your vanity.


Add decorative items Using designer antiques, candles, vases, etc. is yet another super easy way to style your dressing table. Such decorative items naturally make any tabletop look refined and chic. You can get a variety of decorative items available in the market for reasonable prices. Keeping a DIY photo frame or displaying your chic accessories collection can also enhance the look of your dressing table.  


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