Things to note before opting for a graphic design course

Today, most brands operate in the digital space. To catch the attention of potential customers, they rely on visually pleasing virtual content. For its creation, they use the guidance and direction of graphic designers. So, if visual elements spark your interest, you should consider kickstarting a career in this field. The first step is to look for graphic design courses. Such programmes hone your creative skills and offer you the necessary guidance.

They cover relevant topics like brand identity, design fundamentals, user interface, etc. That way, you get an in-depth knowledge of graphic design. But before you apply for the course, be mindful of a few things. Here is a list of them:

Institute in question

The institute you choose for the graphic design course plays a significant role in your progress. You want to select a reputable university known for offering comprehensive courses. While this is just one parameter, here are a few others:

Placement support: This refers to the placement opportunities provided upon the completion of the programme
Faculty: The kind of teachers, mentors, and industry experts imparting knowledge
Personalised guidance: This implies the degree of relevant advice given to students based on the specialisation and career goals
Course consultation: The degree to which the institute guides students if they are confused between course options

Course options

Most institutes allow students to choose from two course options: a part-time graphic design diploma or a full-time postgraduate diploma course. The former is a fast-track course, ideal for working professionals wanting to gain knowledge. It teaches how to apply graphic design fundamentals in various situations, such as branding and promotional campaign. They also get proper guidance on portfolio and career development.

The latter is a full-time in-depth course. It covers the fundamentals and advanced concepts of graphic design through two terms. The more advanced aspects are usually taught in the second term. For example, many institutes include an immersive motion graphics course in the latter half of the programme. Students also get one-on-one mentoring, portfolio guidance, and placement support.

Now, how do you choose between these options? The appropriate way to go about the selection is by considering your educational requirements. If you still feel lost, contact the institute’s course advisors.

Fee structure & payment plans

You need to pay a specific fee to avail yourself of any academic programme. In India, the ideal course fee for a graphic design course range between Rs. 1 to Rs. 2.5 lakh+ GST. The amount depends on the course duration and the institute you choose. But you need not get overwhelmed by the amount. Some institutes offer an EMI payment plan wherein you pay a small monthly sum till the end of the course.

That way, you can learn more economically. Hence, it is wise to seek such institutes if you have monetary limitations.

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