LOL Full Form – What Is Full Form of LOL?

LOL Full Form: The LOL is most using in Social Media. So, The LOL full form is “Laugh Out Loudly

When you using Social media then you must face LOL but Many people didn’t the meaning and full form of LoL Also, there are many Full forms of LOL.

LOL Full Form

Dear Friends let’s begin to know about all the Full Forms of LOL and All meaning of LOL. So, continue reading and learning something More.

What Is LOL?

LOL is a Short word that is used mainly over Social Media. Also, LOL has many Full Forms but also, LoL is majorly used for Laugh Out Loudly.

LOL Full Form

When are you asking What is LOL? then we say the answer is LOL is a short term that has many full forms. So, We put all LOL Full Form and LoL Meaning in Hindi Below.

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LOL Full Form In Hindi – LOL क्या है?

दोस्तों क्या आप कभी Social Media इस्तेमाल किये हो या फिर करते हो तो आप बहुत बार एक सब्द देखे होंगे और वो है LOL तो दोस्तों LOL क्या है? आइए जानते है और इसका मतलब क्या है?

जब हम सोचेंगे की LOL क्या है? तो इसका मतलब और Full Form है “Laugh Out Loudly” मतलब “बहुत जोर से हसना

जब दोस्तों आप कोई भी Social Media इस्तेमाल करते हो तो वहां आप बहुत सारे मजाक करते हो और मजाक करके बहुत हस्ते भी हो अभी अगर आपको बहुत तेज हसी आयी तो आप कैसे आपके दोस्तों को दिखाओगे की आपको बहुत तेज हसी आयी और इसलिए सिर्फ LOL इस्तेमाल किया जाता है

और दोस्तों LOL सिर्फ ज्यादा हसने के लिए इस्तेमाल नहीं होता है और इसका बहुत मतलब और फुल फॉर्म है अगर आप LOL Full Form के बारे ज्यादा जानना चाहते हो निचे पढ़े

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How To Use LOL – कैसे इस्तेमाल करे?

दोस्तों जब आप कोई भी Social Media इस्तेमाल करते हो तब आप LOL का इस्तेमाल कर सकते हो जैसे आपको बहुत ज्यादा हसी आयी तो आप LOL का इस्तेमाल कर सकते हो

तो ऐसे ही दोस्तों आप LOL बहुत सारे जगह पे आप इसे इस्तेमाल कर सकते हो तो दोस्तों अगर आप LOL अच्छे से इस्तमाल करना चाहते हो तो निचे LOL सारे Full Form देखा लो ताकि आप आसानी से इसे इस्तेमाल कर सको

LOL FUll Forms

LOL Full forms in Category

LOLLord of Light
LOLLittle Old Lady
LOLLabor of Love
LOLLiving on Love
LOLLots of Laughs
LOLLap of Luxury
LOLLife or Love
LOLLots of Lube
LOLLand O’ Lakes
LOLLabor of Love
LOLLoss of Life
LOLLiving Our Lives
LOLLife of Leisure
LOLLocks of Love
LOLList of Lists
LOLLack of Love
LOLLowest of the Low
LOLLady of the Lake
LOLLots of Laughter
LOLList of Links
LOLLots of Layla
LOLLove of Life
LOLLost Our Luggage
LOLLanguage of Love
LOLLeg of Lamb
LOLLand of Lincoln
LOLLord of Lords
LOLLucifer, Our Lord
LOLLearn Online
LOLLive on Line
LOLLive Out Loud
LOLLots of Learning
LOLLord of Life
LOLLaws of Life
LOLLoss of Light
LOLLands of Lore
LOLLinux on Laptop
LOLLoyal Orange Lodge
LOLLove On Line
LOLLegend of Legaia
LOLLiving on Lipitor
LOLLots of Lag
LOLLove Our Lord
LOLLand of Love
LOLLand of Legends
LOLLack of Laughter
LOLLog On Later
LOLLots of Lemons
LOLLabels or Love
LOLLanguage of Literature
LOLLoss of Lock
LOLLots of Licking
LOLLife of Loan
LOLLife of the Land
LOLLots of Losers
LOLLoad of Laughs
LOLLimit of Liability
LOLLots of Lust
LOLLord Oh Lord
LOLLord of Lies
LOLLips on Lips
LOLLots of Lollipops
LOLLook Out Loser
LOLLine of Learning
LOLLove Out Loud
LOLLaughing On Line
LOLLeague of Losers
LOLLadies of Lallybroch
LOLLoss of Load
LOLLand over Landings
LOLLoser on Line
LOLLiving on Line
LOLList Of Lights
LOLLords of Legend
LOLLots of Llamas
LOLLength of Lease
LOLLower Operating Limit
LOLLove of Literacy
LOLLaughs Online Lachen
LOLLets Order Linguini
LOLLoss of Line
LOLLast or Least
LOLLot of Lamers
LOLLord of Lucifer
LOLLying Out Loud
LOLLawyers on Line
LOLLicenciamiento Online
LOLLewd Obscene Language
LOLLeaning Over Laughing
LOLLimited Operational Life
LOLLunatics on Line
LOLLoad of Lard
LOLLess Of Lip
LOLLegend of Lothian
LOLLongitudinal Output Level
LOLLimited Operation Life
LOLLeague of Lightness
LOLLow Order Language
LOLLiar of Lies
LOLLeaping over Leprechans
LOLLick Orange Lolipops
LOLLaughing on Lipitor
LOLLots Off Load Shedding
LOLLesbians of Love
LOLLying Online Laughter
LOLLord of the Lambs
LOLLots of Luck
LOLLook of Love
LOLLeague of Legends
LOLLots of Love
LOLLaugh(ing) Out Loud

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LOL Full Form Related Questions

Friends, Now there are many Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the LOL full form. So, let’s solve the question which is given below.

What is the Meaning of LOL in chat?

There many meanings of LOL in the Chat. While Someone using Social Media he or she could use it from a different meaning. So, let’s point some LOL meaning in Chat.

  • Laugh Out Loudly
  • Lots Of Love
  • Lock-On Love
  • Life Of Love
  • Lord of Lies
  • Lots of Losers

Basically, You Can use more than Hundreds of meaning of LOL. So, I point only the Major Used Meaning of LOL.

What Can LoL Stand For?

When did you ask What Can LoL Stand For? then there is no single meaning and Full Form for LOL. Also, LOL is mostly used for the “Laugh Out Loudly”

Also, there are Much meaning and full forms that’s why LOL is used Over. So, I point Over Hundreds meaning and Full Forms you can check them for more knowledge.

Is Lol Lots Of Love?

When did you ask Is Lol Lots Of Love? then we can say Yes Lol is Lots Of Love. Also, LOL has many Full forms and meanings. So, I point some below check them.

  • Laugh Out Loudly
  • Laugh Out Loud
  • Lots Of Love
  • Load of Lard
  • Lock On Love

Does LOL mean Lots of Luck?

As we know LOL is the short form that is used over many full forms and meaning so, if you use it for the Lots Of Locks then it is a valid meaning for LOL.

There are above table we point Mainly over Hundreds LOL full form and Meanings that can you check.

What does LOL mean from a girl Or Boy?

Not Only Girls but also, Boys are used LOL mostly in Social Media. Also, in Social media, all people are majorly used LOL as “Laugh Out Loudly”

Also, Girls are Used LOL in many Different meanings. When you using LOL it depends on what do you express and the Situation. Also, All People like Both Boys and Girls can use LOL as required.

What does LOL really mean?

There are many full forms and Meaning of LOL So, you can use it for any cases. if you want to learn all the full forms of LOL then go to the above table and learn them to use it properly.

What should you reply after LOL?

There are many options are what can you say after LOL? So You can LOL Here, What a LOL, LOL LOL LOL, No LOL here, Great LOL here.

Do You Say LOL or lol?

Do You Say LOL or lol? this is a very funny question that is why because both are equal meaning so, YOU can use Any LOL at any moment.

Who used LOL first?

LOL was first coined on a BBS called Viewline in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in the early-to-mid-80s. A friend of mine who went by Sprout (and I believe he still does) had said something so funny in the teleconference room that I found myself truly laughing out loud, echoing off the walls of my kitchen.

Final Point On LOL Full Form

Dear Friends now learned all about the Full Form of LOL and all Meaning of LOL in Hindi and In English. Also, If you find any mistake in this post then suggest the correct point. That I Must update my posts.

Dear Friends if you like the posts and think this helps other people then share it. Also, if you want to get daily update about the other full forms then Bookmark this website. Thank You for the Visit LOL Full Form.

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