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Kotak Net Banking 2021 during this era of technology find out how to use Kotak Net Banking, the way to register for Kotak Net Banking, the way to start Kotak Net Banking, with the assistance of Netbanking360 under one roof.


Kotak Net Banking


Kotak Mahindra Bank is well Bank in India Kotak Bank provide Net Banking / Internet Banking services to its retail also as corporate Bank customers. According to deasilex, it is one of the best mobile banking apps in 2021. Kotak Mahindra checking account holders can avail services like Fund transfer, Bill Payment, Apply for a replacement debit/credit card, open a replacement FD/RD account and book tickets and far more without paying any additional charges or fees as long as they need an online connection and their mobile number is registered with the Kotak Mahindra bank. Customers can make financial transactions easily at the comfort of their home or offices once they need registered for Kotak Bank Internet Banking facility.


What are the advantages of using Kotak NetBanking?


Now with Kotak Mahindra Net Banking you’ll enjoy a convenient thanks to bank from the comfort of your home or office. Explore a one-stop solution for all of your banking needs 24×7 with Kotak Net Banking services.


The Internet Banking provides you a number of advantages like:


  • View your account balance, account activity, account details, un-cleared fund details, cheque status and current exchange rates.


  • Transfer funds between your accounts or third party accounts maintained with Kotak Mahindra Bank, or with the other Bank which participates in RBI NEFT / RTGS / IMPS scheme, open a Term / Recurring deposit, check the Term / Recurring Deposit rates over various tenures & amounts, found out standing instruction online to transfer funds between your own accounts, third party accounts or through Banker’s Cheques.


  • e-File tax 


  • Request for a cheque book and provides stop cheques request.


  • Download account for the financial or civil year , for a month or a selected period.
  • Enquire about the TDS information on your deposits for the present & previous fiscal year .
  • Register and consider your Kotak life assurance policy.
  • Register and apply for National Pension System (NPS)
  • Pay all of your utility and mastercard bills and recharge prepaid mobile / DTH through Kotak BillPay


What are the services which may be accessed through Kotak Net Banking?


Kotak Net Banking gives you accessibility to your account/s – anytime, anywhere, 24X7 – at your own comfort. you’ll manage your all of your daily transactions online. you’ll view statements, order cheque books, do fund transfers, order DDs, pay your bills & even shop online.



  • Transfer funds online between your third party accounts with Kotak Mahindra Bank, or the other checking account via NEFT, RTGS or IMPS


  • Book a hard and fast / Recurring Deposit and do premature withdrawal online


  • View and update your Profile details like email ID, PAN Card , Aadhaar Number, FATCA Declaration, etc. online instantly


  • View account balance, account activity and check cheque status


  • Pay your Utility Bills, mastercard , Recharge prepaid mobile / DTH using Kotak BillPay


  • Recharge prepaid mobile and DTH accounts


  • Book Air, Bus tickets and do Hotel bookings online


  • Place requests for a cheque book, Payment Gateway registration and lots of more transaction services


  • Re-generate open-end credit PIN, Activate/Deactivate open-end credit , Activate/Deactivate open-end credit for International Usage, Link Accounts


  • Apply for brand spanking new open-end credit , Upgrade open-end credit , Apply for Image open-end credit , Apply For Priority Pass, Apply for Card Protection Plan


  • Download digitally signed statements through Statement tab


  • View securities available for Demat Accounts


  • Safe online shopping with Kotak Netc@rd at over 8500 websites
  • Invest/Redeem in open-end fund s online and consider current Mutual Fund portfolio
  • Apply for IPO/FPO/Rights Issue with none paperwork from the convenience of your home/office using ASBA facility
  • View Kotak life assurance policy, switch funds, pay premium online
  • Apply online for brand spanking new Kotak life assurance policy


What do i want so as to use Kotak Online Banking service?


  • A computer with Internet connection.
  • Windows Operating Software (O/S) Users: Internet Explorer 8.0 and above (recommended to possess full compatibility with our system).
  • Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 (with 800x 600 resolution users should still be ready to view all content, but vertical and horizontal scroll bars may have to be used).

How to Login in Kotak Net Banking?

Step 1: Visit Kotak Net Banking login page https://www.kotak.com/en.html

Step 2: Enter User ID or CRN and Net Banking Password you’ve got received.

Step 3: Once you enter the Password and click on on ‘Secure Login’

Step 4: you’ll need to enter just one occasion Password within the next page.

Step 5: just one occasion Password is auto generated and is shipped on your preferred mobile number and email ID.

Step 6: On successful authentication, you’ll have access to your Net Banking homepage and you’ll start your banking.


How to register for Kotak NetBanking?


When you open your account within the Kotak Bank, internet banking registration is given by default, however, just in case you’re not registered for Kotak net banking, here are the steps to try to to so:

  • If you’ve got login ID/user ID but using the web Banking First Time

o You got to click on “First Time User” option

o Ensure you’ve got your Customer ID, account number, registered mobile number and your open-end credit with you.

o Enter the Customer ID, account number and registered mobile number then click ‘Proceed’.

o Enter the 16 digit open-end credit number, the ATM Pin and therefore the expiry date.

o In the cardboard currency, select Indian rupee > INR option.

o Accept the terms and conditions and click on ‘Proceed’

o Enter a login password of your choice keeping the principles in mind and re-enter it to verify the password.

o You will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number.

o Enter the received OTP code and click on on ‘Submit’

o The process is complete and you’ll now log in using the login ID and password


How to register for Kotak NetBanking through Phone Banking?


  • Call the Kotak customer care Phone Banking number in your city 18602662666
  • Give your Customer ID and Telephone number (TIN) or open-end credit and PIN
  • The customer care executive will take your NetBanking registration request
  • The Bank will courier the IPIN to your address within 5 working days


How to register for Kotak NetBanking at bank branch?


  • Visit the Kotak bank branch and invite NetBanking registration form (individual or corporate)
  • Fill within the form and submit it to the Kotak Bank branch official
  • The Bank will courier the IPIN to your registered address 


How to reset/change Kotak NetBanking password (IPIN)?


You can instantly reset your Kotak NetBanking password (IPIN) by following the below steps:


  • Open the official website of the Kotak Bank or app

o Enter your Customer ID

o Select one among the 2 methods for authenticating the transaction –

OTP on registered mobile number and open-end credit details(PIN and expiry date)

OTP sent to your registered mobile number and email ID

o Enter details requested

o Set your new password/IPIN

o Login to Kotak NetBanking using your customer ID and newly set IPIN

How to Check Kotak Account Balance using NetBanking?

Step 1: Log in to your Kotak netbanking account.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Accounts Summary’ option under the ‘Accounts’ tab.

Step 3: an inventory of all of your accounts are going to be displayed on the screen.

Step 4: Select the account that you would like to see the balance.

Step 5: The account balance and other details of the chosen account are going to be displayed.

How to change/update address through Kotak NetBanking?

  1. Open the official website or app of the Kotak Bank and click on on the login
  2. Enter your customer ID and IPIN to login to net banking
  3. Next, click on ‘Update Contact Details’ option from the highest menu, then select the ‘Update Address’
  4. you’ll find an inventory of acceptable address proof documents
  5. Select one from the list and scan a self-attested copy of an equivalent for uploading online
  6. Next, click on Continue
  7. you’ll be re-directed to a page with an choice to Add and upload the address proof document
  8. Verify the small print entered, upload the address proof document and click on on submit
  9. Your new address are going to be updated within 7 working days post verification of the document


What are the channels through which I can initiate an NEFT Fund Transfer in Kotak?


  • Kotak Internet Banking – Send money to your chosen beneficiary from your desktop/laptop
  • Kotak Mobile Banking – Send money through your Kotak Mobile Baking app
  • Kotak Branch – Visit your nearest Kotak Bank Branch and fill the NEFT form to try to to an NEFT transaction
  • Kotak Enet – Net banking facility for Corporates


What are the transaction steps for NEFT through Kotak NetBanking/MobileBanking?


For NEFT you’ll got to begin by adding a beneficiary. Then you’ll continue to form a funds transfer or mastercard payment.

For online transaction, both the NetBanking and Third Party Funds Transfer facilities should be enabled. (If you’re not yet registered, just fill the shape at your closest Kotak Bank branch).


Steps to feature beneficiary for NEFT-


  • Addition of Kotak Bank Beneficiary

o Go to PAYMENTS and click on on Transfer Funds

o Select the choice “Other Kotak Bank Account”

o Click on “Register New Beneficiary”

o Enter the Beneficiary Nick Name and Account Number/Mobile Number. Click on Get Account Details. The name of the beneficiary are going to be displayed on the screen. Validate if the right beneficiary is being registered.

o Enter the Netsecure code to finish registration

o Your beneficiary is now registered.


  • Addition of Other Bank Beneficiary

o Go to PAYMENTS and click on on Transfer Funds

o Select the choice “Other Bank Account”

o Click on “Register New Beneficiary”

o Enter the Beneficiary Nick Name and Account Number. Click on Get Account Details. The name of the beneficiary are going to be displayed on the screen. Validate if the right beneficiary is being registered.

o Enter the Netsecure code to finish registration

o Your beneficiary is now registered.


Steps to form your NEFT funds transfer –

Step 1 – attend Fund Transfer tab, and choose ‘Transfer to other bank(NEFT)’

Step 2 – Select account, beneficiary, and enter the relevant details

Step 3 – Accept the Terms and Conditions

Step 4 – Review the small print , and, if all is correct, inform complete the method 




  • The beneficiary are going to be activated after half-hour (due to security reasons). The Beneficiary are often viewed within the “View Beneficiary” option of the Enquire Section.
  • Post activation of a beneficiary, Rs. 50,000 (in full or parts) are often transferred for the primary 24 hours.
  • An added beneficiary, to whom no funds are transferred for quite 24 months, is treated as a replacement beneficiary altogether respects.
  • A maximum of seven beneficiaries are often added/modified/deleted during a period of 24 hours.


What information is required to try to to an NEFT transaction?


For an NEFT remittance, the remitter has got to furnish the subsequent information:


  • Amount to be remitted
  • Remitting customer’s account number which is to be debited
  • Name of the beneficiary bank
  • Name of the beneficiary
  • Account number of the beneficiary
  • Sender to receiver information, if any
  • IFSC code of the destination bank branch


How to do mastercard payments through NEFT?


Credit card payments are often completed easily through Kotak Bank’s NEFT service under NetBanking.

There are a couple of points to note:


  • You got to have the NetBanking and Third Party Funds Transfer facilities enabled (If you’re not yet registered, just visit your nearest Kotak Bank branch and fill the form).
  • The mastercard issuing bank must be enabled to receive payments via NEFT
  • The IFSC should be obtained from the mastercard issuing bank (without the right IFSC, the transaction are going to be rejected)

Steps to form your mastercard payment –


Step 1 – attend Fund Transfer tab, and click on Transfer to other bank

Step 2 – Select account, beneficiary, and enter the relevant details

Step 3 – Accept the Terms and Conditions

Step 4 – Review the small print , and, if all is correct, inform complete the method 


What is a Kotak Bank Customer ID?


A Customer ID may be a 9-digit number which uniquely identifies your relationship with Kotak Bank. Your customer ID is typically your login ID for the web Banking login. Please mention this ID altogether your communications with Kotak Bank.


What do I do if forgotten Kotak Internet Banking password?


You can generate Kotak Internet Banking password online just in case you’ve got forgotten it. you’ll need your 16 digit ATM/debit card number and ATM PIN. If you are doing not have a open-end credit , then please place an invitation for PIN at the decision center or your nearest branch. For generating your password online to get your password online.


What is the daily transaction limit in Kotak Internet Banking?

The daily transaction Default limit for the day is Rs. 5 Lakh. there’s no maximum limit for Funds Transfer. you’ll enhance your daily limit upto 50 lakhs through the web Banking. you’ll place an invitation for increasing the limit beyond Rs. 50 lacs and therefore the same is processed on case to case basis.


What are sorts of fund transfers i can do through Kotak Netbanking?


You can do the subsequent sorts of Fund Transfer:

  • Fund Transfer between your own accounts
  • Fund Transfer to the other Kotak checking account 
  • Fund Transfer to Other Bank’s Account (NEFT/RTGS/IMPS)
  • Visa Card Payment
  • Instant Money Transfer


Who is eligible for the Kotak Internet Banking?


Kotak Internet Banking service is out there to all or any individual Savings and,Current account, only mastercard and only loan customers. this is often applicable for all domestic & NRI customers. altogether cases, the customer should have the authority to work the account with full permission.


How to get Kotak Bank Internet Banking Login ID?


  • You can SMS” CUSTID to 5676782 from your registered mobile number to urge AxiLogin/ customer ID
  • NRI customers also obtain your customer ID by sending an SMS CUSTID to +919717000002
  • Your login ID is same because the Customer ID that’s mentioned on -your welcome letter & within the cheque book that’s mailed to you post your account opening


What are the items to kept in mind while creating Kotak Netbanking Password?


You should remember below points while setting your passwords:

  • The password cannot contains all the characters as are in your Username. For e.g.If your Username is “Bob”, then your password can’t be “Bobby”.
  • Password should mandatorily contain both digits and letters and special characters.
  • Password cannot contain following special characters ( ) [ ] @ , : ; \”
  • Spaces aren’t allowed in between Password.
  • The Password should contain a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 28 characters
  • Your new password can’t be an equivalent as any of your previous 3 password(s)


How to register for Kotak NetBanking Online?


If you’ve got a open-end credit , you’ll immediately login to the web Banking by using the cardboard credentials with none further registration process



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