How to wash a synthetic wig

It is possible to wash a synthetic wig but it is suggested to use conditioners and shampoos. They are clearly formulated to eradicate the fibres and that too properly. Coming to regular hair care products it may contain chemicals which may damage synthetic wigs as it is better to be sticking to natural products.

The duration of  washing the synthetic wig?

It all depends on how frequently you wash as it depends the duration of wearing it. After about 6 to 8 wears it is recommended to wash it. The lifestyle that you have also has a role to play on how frequently the 5 *5 water wave closure wig is to be washed. If it is of strong odour then you need to wash it frequently. If the wig is lifeless then it is better that you need to wash it regularly. 

  • The use of a wig brush
  • Conditioner along with wig shampoo. it is formulated to clean the fibre to keep the hair soft and easy to manage. If you happen to wash a human hair wig, the human conditioner and a shampoo to manage the hair. But still you would require a wig brush with a wig stand
  • A clean towel
  • A wig stand and this has to be portable.

Some pointers to wash the Wig

Have a look at the wig.  It has to be washed when they are dull, spray less or tangled with a lot of teasing. Start by brushing the wig from the bottom.

It is necessary to wash a synthetic wig, before you wear it. If you feel that it has some shine, you may spray it with dry shampoo. With  a couple of washes with regular shampoo but it is going to remove shine and the solution to be recommended short term. Make sure that you have to purchase synthetic products when you are purchasing  a 5 *5 water wave closure wig so that the time is there.

Washing is something that may not going to reduce fizz, and how well the wig is bound to look better overall. When it is a regular synthetic wig, a steamer with a round brush with a metal base can smoothen with a blower dryer. Opting for a heat friendly synthetic wig with a boar brittle brush and a blower dryer will smooth out the fizz. If the wig is curly you will reduce smoothening.

Washing the wig does make the fibre softer and is bound to make things manageable. Once the wig is due for a wash, the fibre seems to be dry. Washing it would refresh the fibre would make it make it feel softer.

A step- by step guide on how to wash a synthetic wig

Step 1

Soak- Mix the cold water with wig shampoo in a sink basin and do not use a washing machine. The wig is something that is used for five minutes that depends a lot on how you may have soiled it. Suppose if the 5 *5 water wave closure wig is soiled, no point in twisting or wiring it. If the wig is longer or is going to tangle, it is better to prevent soaking and hold it in the hand. This will allow the water to run from the root to the ends.

Step 2

Clean- after 5 minutes, you need to dip it in and out of water. If on the cap any form of make- up stains are found it is better that you clean it with a mild brush as it has to be like a toothbrush.

Step 3

Rinse- the wig has to be rinsed regularly and it has to be in cool water

Step 4

Condition- after the wig is washed, when you are conditioning it is going to replicate the original pattern of the wig. Adopting such a stance will make sure that the wig lasts for a longer period of time.

Step 5

Rinse- you need to rinse the wig gently and once again it has to be in cool water

Step 6

Dry- the weight of the water may stretch the wigs and ruin it further. To avoid such a situation it is better if you pat the excess water from the wig with a towel. It is better if you hang the wig on a wig stand or spraying may make them dry at room temperature. Do not place a wet wig on the block head since it would be stretching the wig cap. Even do not comb a wet wig or make an attempt to be drying it with a wet dryer. Air dryer is only going to take a few minutes and makes sure manageable fibres.  When it comes to human hair wig heating styling would be recommended for better results.


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