3 Essential aspects about electrician to know

3 Essential aspects about electrician to know

The task of an electrician is not an easy one, and they are required to work in various jobs. From overhead service lines to fixing wires inside the building. Electricians need to install and maintain types of equipment in a wide range of factories. All these electricians allow following the codes of local and state buildings. However, sometimes if the problem is connected to a wide area, they need code from the national electricity center. An electrician must know his responsibilities and have a certificate to do work.

Whether you are an ordinary electrician or Level 2 Electrician Crows Nest, all of them start work by reading blueprints. These diagrams show the location of outlets, load center, circuits, panel boards, and so on. After detecting all the aspects, they start installing and connecting the wires to circuit breakers. For doing these kinds of work, they need the right tool which will enable them to complete the work effectively. The critical thing in this work is safety if you know the right tool to ensure that he will not experience the shock while fixing.

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A level 2 electrician needs to perform various tasks and require tools to complete the work successfully. Thus, there are some tools that they need while working:

Hand tool and power tool

Power tools are always available to any electrician. These tools can be connected with electricity through the cord or with cordless. All electricians now prefer cordless tools because they offer mobility or are more convenient in working. It works with the battery, which is charged by producing power.

The hand tools may not use power. This is because as time changes, the working system is also changed. These hand tools are designed to make sure about the injuries of electricians. It means they can reduce the chances of injury.

Basic tool

There are several kinds of essential tools that everyone needs to know. Pliers are one of them, which is always with the electricians. It is used as needle-nose or side-cutting pliers. For pliers, comfort is essential as it firms the grip to work effectively.

A power drill is a standard tool for drilling the fastening fixture or in concrete. Here, the amount of voltage is used to drill.

Level 2 electricians use a power saw to cut a variety of things. These are of several kinds, like hole saws, spiral saws, and portable band saws.


Any electrician cannot find or fix the problem until he finds the cause. Through this, he needs to use a wire tester to understand the flow of electricity passing through the wire. This will measure the strength of the current. However, if you use a modern tester, it will show the digital reading.

The continuity tester comes in use for checking the fuses and circuits which are not working.

Wire tracers are used to find wires that are located behind the wall. The electrician can use a millimeter to check the flow of electricity through wires.


Several tools allow mobility, like a ladder. A ladder is an essential tool for electricians because they need to reach the overhead service line. They have to use a ladder which may not conduct electricity like wood. To repair electricity, the electrician needs light as he is able to work in darkness. However, he needs to switch off the power to do work. Thus the mounted flashlight is necessary.

So these are some essential tools that electricians need to complete the work without any mistakes.

What are the duties and responsibilities of an electrician?

  • The duties depend on the specialty and employer, but there are some common that you need to know:
  • Detect the electrical problems by using a blueprint or diagram.
  • If there is an electrical system problem, he needs to install and repair the entire system.
  • Examine the electricity, troubleshoot, and conduct the test
  • Point out the problem by using different testing tools.
  • Safety is a must so, and it uses all the needy power and handed tools.
  • The layouts must be planned then installed with the fixtures, wiring, or equipment.
  • Fulfill the safety standards of electrical code.

Is a certificate essential for an electrician?

  • Most of the states or local places need an electrician to be licensed. However, the requirements of the license vary from place to place. Whether you are local or Level 2 Electrician Crows Nest, all electricians must pass the test for estimating the knowledge you have, for example, electrical theory, codes, and tools.
  • The electrical contractors who work for the public need a special license. In some places, the contractor needs the certification as a matter of course. At the same time, some states require you to have experience of 7 years to become a master electrician.
  • If a person is 18 years old and working as an electrician, it is vital to have a G.E.D or high school diploma. They also need to pass the test or provide another requirement.
  • There are some other things included in certification like eye-hand coordination, manual dexterity, good sense of balance, physical fitness, etc.
  • They also have good color vision because he needs to identify the work with color.

Final words

An electrician is the one who helps us in fixing the electrical issue in our house or factory. Thus, the above aspect will get to know about the tools they use and their duties. A local electrician or a professional electrician needs to put the same effort into fixing the problem. If you want to become an electrician, you have to identify the wires, tools, and duties. A person with proper knowledge of electricity and its codes will become a successful electrician. They maintain and install all the power systems without taking the risk of life. The earning is also dependent on work and level. If they are working in a big company, their income can be increased through the work and their experience.


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