Debunking the Most Common Drug Addiction Myths That Exist Today

Debunking the Most Common Drug Addiction Myths That Exist Today

Around 25% of people who use illegal drugs in the US have a substance abuse disorder. This means they have a drug addiction.

Thanks to film and TV shows and the lack of open conversations around drug use, there are lots of common drug addiction myths. People believe these inaccuracies to be facts and continue to spread them. This further stigmatizes those with substance abuse problems, and the vicious circle continues.

You can break the cycle by learning the truth about drug abuse and addiction recovery and educating those around you. Reading this guide is a great place to start!

Drug Addiction Is a Choice

This is one of the worst drug addiction myths because no one chooses to get addicted to drugs. No one seeks out their local dealer to become dependent on a substance that will destroy their life.

Substance abuse is a chronic disease like cancer, heart, or liver disease. It can happen to anyone.

Drug Addicts Are Bad, Lazy People

There is a certain “type” of person that you might picture in your mind when you imagine a drug addict. It’s likely a young, skinny male dressed in street clothes. This person likely doesn’t have a job and hangs around with a bad crowd.

But that’s a stereotype and is not the whole picture. Drug addicts are experts at covering up their addiction. It’s likely a neighbor or colleague of yours has a drug addiction and you would never know.

Thanks to the opioid epidemic, more and more “middle-class” people are becoming drug addicts. Medical professionals allowed people on prescription pain medication to become addicted. So when their prescription stopped, they felt they had no other choice but to turn to illegal opioid drugs.

Treatment Can Cure Drug Addiction

Going to rehab is one of the best methods of addiction treatment. It can give someone suffering from substance abuse a stable environment away from their triggers. Doctors and therapists at every drug rehabilitation center can give 24/7 care and support to those on the recovery journey.

And if inpatient care isn’t suitable, addicts can go to an outpatient recovery center instead.

But even the best drug rehab center cannot cure addiction. Addiction is a lifelong disease and it takes constant effort to stay sober.

Addictions Should Stay Private

Do you know why it’s a myth that addictions should be private? Because not talking about addiction is better for society. Society wants to pretend that there are fewer addicts than there are, and it doesn’t want to deal with the problem.

But this makes things worse for those suffering from drug addiction. It means they don’t get the support or treatment they need. So it’s far better to speak out about drug addiction than it is to stay silent.

Don’t Believe These Drug Addiction Myths

These drug addiction myths aren’t only harmful to those with substance abuse disorder. They are harmful to the loved ones of addicts too. But now that you know the truth, you will be able to stop the spread of misinformation and support any addicts you know too.

There is lots more to learn about the culture of substance abuse and ways to help yourself or others. Browse our lifestyle and health articles for more information!


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