AFK Full Form – What is AFK Full Form?

The AFK Full Form is “Away From Keyboard“, “A Free Kill“. Also, AFK has many full forms listed in the below table.

Mainly AFK stands for “Away From Keyboard” And “Away From King“. Now we listed AFK Full Form in Hindi meaning in the below table.

AFK Full Form In Hindi Meaning

Away From Keyboard (Commonly used everywhere)
कीबोर्ड से दूर
A Free Kill
एक फ्री किल
All for Kill
किल के लिए सभी
Away From King
राजा से दूर
After Form Kite
पतंग बनाने के बाद
Austriackie Forum Kultury
ऑस्ट्रियाकी फोरम कुल्टीरी
Any Free Knife
कोई नि: शुल्क चाकू
Anderson Flesher and Ke
एंडरसन फ्लेशर और के
Always Frisky Kerrans
हमेशा फ्रिस्की केरेन्स
Absolute Frequency Keying
निरपेक्ष आवृत्ति कुंजीयन
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1# What is the Full Form of AFK?

AFK Full Form

The AFK Full Form is “Away From Keyboard”, “A Free Kill”, “Allerød Fodbold Klub” And “Anadolu Finans Kurumu”.

2# What does AFK stands for?

Mainly AFK stands for “Aus- und Fortbildungs” And “Austriackie Forum Kultury”. Now we listed AFK Full Form in Hindi in a table.

3# What is the Full Form of AFK in Hindi?

The Full Form of AFK in Hindi is “Anadolu Finans Kurumu” = “अनादोलु फाइनेंस कुरमु”.

4# What is the AFK Full Form on the computer?

On the computer AFK Full Form is “way From Keyboard”.


In this post, we concluded that mainly the Full Form of AFK is “Away From Keyboard” And “Austriackie Forum Kultury”.

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