8 mistakes amateurs must avoid when playing Teen Patti

8 mistakes amateurs must avoid when playing Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a type of card game famous in different parts of the world for instance South Asia. It is a three card game that is referred to as flush in many parts of the world. You either have to play Teen Patti past the first round or fold in quickly which can be described as loose or tight play respectively. To enjoy this card game, you have to choose the best website provider with the ability to meet your gaming needs in a refined way. Their gaming apps should be smooth in use and interface and besides reading their testimonials can open your eyes to the pros or cons of working with them. In this guide are some of the common amateur teen Patti game online mistakes that players make all the time today. 

Creating account using false details 

For some reason there are players who think they are playing safe by disguising their registration details. When registering for your gambling account, focus on giving the right details for easier identification of your account and getting help should there be a problem. The gambling websites have to protect your personal details like name, account information and addresses. You will have trouble depositing money or withdrawing any from your account when you real account and personal details do not match the ones submitted when registering your account. You might just end up losing your account and also being banned from using or accessing the site again. 

No understanding of rules and game structure 

In any gambling game, players risk with their chips or actual money in order to win. Understanding the risk in place players need to pay attention to every detail concerning the game. This means commencing with the research on how Teen Pattiworks the rules and conditions to adhere to. You can use the demo version of the games to practice and play for fun as you sharpen your wit on playing the game. The more familiar you are with the game, the easier time you have playing, understanding it and devising new strategies to use. 

Not claiming or using bonuses 

Card games were initially enjoyed at land based casinos with friends but no more with technology allowing you to play games from wherever you want remotely. Card games like Teen Patti have become very common today and can be accessed from phone provided you have network access and quality device to use for the same. Internet casinos and game providers use bonuses as marketing incentives and as a way of thanking their loyal clients. Before you register with a play online 3 Patticasino, check out their bonus system to determine whether their bonuses are right for you and if the claiming process is any complicated. Complicated systems make it hard to claim and ignorance to reading such terms prior to signing up can leave you vulnerable.

Inability to control emotions 

Like most card games for instance poker being in your emotions can be a weakness that other players can use to their advantage. Since your money is involved as the risk, you ought to be sober in thoughts and emotions. You have to avoid using any form of drug during or before the game to improve your decision making. You should also master the art of disguising or hiding your emotions to make it easier for you to make game winning decisions based in how you read your opponents. You can always give yourself a break from the game should you feel it having an emotional toll on you. 

Limping position 

One of the many strategies players use when enjoying this card game is the limping strategy. It is however never a good position to be in as it amplifies your chances of losing in the game. Since Teen Patti is a game where opponents read each other’s moves and emotions, other players will turn your limping position to their advantage which only means you lose your money to them. There are however many players that use this strategy with the attempt of surprising everyone playing but very few actually do which is why you need to play safe. 

Unsafe payment methods 

The payment methods determined by the casino or gaming website have to be safe and reliable. You must ascertain this prior to your signing up with the website or their app. It ultimately comes down to the casino offering you wide range of payment methods for you to use especially when one of the channels begins lagging due to excess traffic. Unsafe payment methods with gambling accounts remains one of the largest scammer methods used to date. The only way to discern the same is avoiding any website or casino services provider whose account details do not match with the official or registered name.

Avoid getting distracted 

Distractions do happen every time and it is only worse when your money is at stake. There are a lot of distraction options you must avoid as card games call for your full focus if you are to win. Paying attention allows you to read the other players and also read the game as you make wise calls to help you become a victor. Do not be distracted by TV near you, loud music, unnecessary conversations or worse still use drugs when you are preparing to get started in your Teen Patti game. 

Playing it too tight 

You should learn how to play Teen Patti the right way. You do not need to be too tight or lose in your play. You always have to read the game and devise the right strategy to help you win in it and make profits. Do not go with the stronger hand when you are new to the game (also known as playing tight) as it affects the ability for the game to wind up faster. The best approach may be hand-to-hand combat as that allows both you and your opponents an easy time in controlling the game and eventually winning. 



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